Extensive Collection of Different Types of Paints Available Online

Extensive Collection of Different Types of Paints Available Online

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Interior Paints

Interior paints are made specially to be used on the interior walls of the house and can be scrubbed off with ease. They are stain-resistant and it is very easy to clean dirt off of them. The level of scrubbing is related to the amount of gloss present in the paint. Flat types of paints have the least ability to wash but it is easier for touch-ups. High gloss paints have the ability to wash.

In dry parts of the house like bedrooms, dining and living room, low sheen paints are the best option and for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchen, semi-gloss is best. Interior paint is made to withstand abrasion and it produces low or zero volatile organic compounds. It is specially designed to be more delicate than exterior paint. Low VOC paint has superior abrasion resistance compared to zero VOC paint.

What is Exterior Paints?

Exterior paint is specially designed to be applied on the outer walls of the building. It is applied on the exterior surface as it provides protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays, wind, rain, fading and mildew. Exterior paint can withstand all these harsh condition because it consists a large amount of resin and pigment as well as resilient additives.

With added strengthening ingredient comes volatile organic compounds, which vaporizes from paint. The majority of these compounds outgas within 48 hours after being applied and little amounts will continue to outgas for years which makes it less ideal for interior work.

This paint can be applied on different types of substrates simply by changing the sheen. During the rainy season the exterior of your house acts as a sponge as it continuously absorbs little amount of water but exterior paint prevents water from being absorbed.

What is Emulsion Paint?

Emulsion paint is water based and it is compatible with most pigment and other additive components. They are available in a large variety of finishes ranging from matt finish to satin silky smooth finish and elegant sheen finish. It also provides protection against mildew and it is easy to maintain or repaint over it. Applying it on the wall is a trouble free task. Water-based solvent helps in drying quickly compared to others. Emulsion paint have lower VOC content as well.

What is Distemper?

Distemper is water based which is best known for its great quality and it provides walls with a charming finish and a matt look. It is available in many shades. Distemper provides exceptional durability and higher retention. It dries up really fast and completes your paint job earlier.

World-renowned companies such as Asian Paints, Berger, Dulux are offering the best quality paints suitable according to your different requirement.

Not just paints but you can also check out the wide range of adhesives, universal stainers, knifing paste fillers, metal and wood finishes etc.


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