Buying Guide: 7 Ways to Make Corporate Gift Selection Easy

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Employers ought to do more than just verbally praise employees for their outstanding performances. Employers must bestow their employees with appropriate gifts from time to time in order to show them how much they are valued and their contributions cherished by the organization. This is important because the gifting culture instills a spirit of healthy competition among employees, motivating them to perform even better; moreover, the acknowledgement of their contributions makes them feel more integral to the organization, encouraging them to put in even more honest efforts. Besides corporate gifts for employees who have won accolades to the company, the gifts may also be handed out to all employees on festive occasions all around the year.

The corporate gifting culture extends beyond company employees. Numerous occasions call for corporate gifts to be given to important clients to cement the company and client relationship even further. Gifting clients, in particular, can become really tricky. Whether you decide to buy corporate gifts online or from a retail store, these tips to select corporate gifts will definitely come in handy and make your gift hunt really easy. Read on to know more:

  1. Gifting business partners

Selecting gifts for business partners can get really nerve-racking. You might face the predicament of what to buy and what not to when selecting corporate gifts for your business partners—after all, the wrong gift would make a bad impression of your company and could go as far as being the deal breaker! Take into account the kind of rapport you have with your business partner and client. A couple of questions that can narrow down your gift hunt are:

  • What message do you want to send across with your gift?
  • Will the gift establish the company’s beliefs and motto?
  1. Gifting employees

Gifting your employees will only make them feel more integral to the organization, strengthening your relationship with them. Such gifting can go as far as helping you retain your top performers and prevent them from going elsewhere. For gifting your employees, you could choose from a wide range of items that could be of use to them. You could have your human-resources-department people conduct timely surveys to know what employees would prefer the most as a gift. You could gift them anything from barware, bowls and glasses, bread baskets and candle holders to even lunch boxes, watches, torches, mugs and wall clocks!

  1. Thinking from the receiver’s perspective

The best way to select a corporate gift would be to put yourself in the shoes of the receiver and think from his perspective. Whether it is a client, a business partner or an employee you are selecting the gift for, think whether if you were any one of them, would you have loved the gift or not; this should simplify the decision manifold for you.  If you have a feeling that you are short of time and that you are buying something which is completely futile and cheesy, then stop right there before going ahead with the purchase! It is very likely, that the employee you are buying the cheesy fluff of a gift for would look at the gift the same way too!

  1. Choosing from an event perspective

If you are giving away the gifts at an office-wide event, then choose the corporate gift on the basis of the theme of the event. However, if your sole intention of handing over corporate gifts is to spread brand awareness, then you could choose gifts that go well with the motto of your company. Promotional gifts are way different than those given from a celebratory perspective.

  1. Making room for corporate gifts in your company budget

It is best to set aside a certain amount annually and just dedicate it to purchasing corporate gifts for all kinds of occasions. By doing so, you can ensure that you are never hurried in your selection of gifts at the last moment and always well prepared when the occasion demands that a gift or two be handed out to employees. Sometimes, gifting your employee or a client in an off the cuff manner has more impact than gifting in an expected and organised event. Lastly, if your clients are going about adorning your gift or putting it on public display, then you simultaneously end up benefiting from brand promotion as well.

  1. Choosing gifts that can be used every day by the recipient

The best gift is the one that can be used by the recipient day in and day out. Such gifts ensure that the client, in particular, has your company on his mind every time he opens or closes a bag that you gifted him, slurps his morning brew from a mug, plugs a USB into his laptop, drinks from the barware and the glasses you gifted him or looks at the time from a wall clock or a watch tied to his wrist, re-establishing your brand’s connect with him.

  1. Taking cultural differences into account

Many a times, a client is based out of a different state within the country or a different geographical region altogether. You must make sure that you are well aware of the gifting traditions of the country or state your client hails from, lest you might accidentally end up offending him which is obviously something you are not looking for! Take for instance China where any gift must never be wrapped in white because white is the colour associated with death as per the country’s traditions and customs.

One important thing to follow is not to buy from unheard of and lesser known brands—you wouldn’t want your precious corporate gift to stop functioning within a few days from gifting it to your business partner, would you? To save yourself the embarrassment, you must buy your gifts only from reputed manufacturers. KI, Jainx, Sigg and KPRO are a few names you can bank on for your corporate gifts.

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