How to Use a Milling Machine Safely

How to Use a Milling Machine Safely

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Overview of Milling Machines

Milling refers to the process of removing material from a workpiece with the help of rotary cutters. The process of milling helps in flattening, tapering, curving or carving the workpiece with irregular patterns at various angles by using a rotating cutter that has different types of abrasive edges. A typical milling machine comprises of a milling machine spindle that is powered by a motor and that causes the milling cutter to revolve; the other important component of a milling machine is its worktable which can be adjusted to feed the workpiece to the cutter as required.

Whether you are using a manual milling machine or a computer numerical controlled milling machine, certain safety precautions must be adhered to whilst dealing with it. In fact, many surveys have time and again shown that even workers who engage with computer numeric controlled milling machines end up meeting with accidents just out of sheer recklessness.

Step by Step Guide About the Use of Milling Machine Safely

Given below are a few safety precautions that you must follow regardless of the type of milling machine you are dealing with.

#1)Never operating unaccompanied

Operating a milling machine single-handedly is a big intentional safety slip. You must always have at least one person around at the work-site to rush one another to medical assistance if the need arises.

#2)Pre-inspecting the machine

Prior to commencing the milling operation, the milling machine should be inspected thoroughly for the presence of any damaged parts or malfunctioning components. If any such components are found, they should be replaced by experienced personnel.  Moreover, the machine must never be tended to or serviced, when power is connected.

#3)Wearing adequate safety gear

You must remember to wear adequate safety gear before beginning operation. Must-have safety essentials around milling machines include safety glasses to protect your eyes from any stray particles that might accidentally fly into them, damaging your vision partially or completely and ear protection to protect any hearing loss from surreptitiously settling in.

#4)Keeping away from revolving cutter

Obvious as it may sound, while operating a milling machine, the adequate distance must be maintained from the revolving cutter. Extra care must be taken when dismantling or setting the milling cutter up; it must be held using a spare cloth to prevent its sharp edges from cutting through your skin.

#5)Removing chips

Always use a brush and a rake to remove chips from the work-piece to avoid being cut or scraped in the hands.

#6)Using cutting oil with care

Many times, the use of cutting oil is required to facilitate the milling action. The cutting oil may splash back at you; to prevent this, use splash guards. If the cutting oil scatters on the floor, you might slip and accidentally strike the milling machine; this must be avoided at all times and the floor must be kept clean.

The aforementioned safety tips describe all that there is to staying safe around milling machines. Also, make sure the setting you work in makes use of good quality milling machines. Mikrocut Ram Turret Milling Machine makes for a safe and dependable buy.


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