Earth Auger Buying Guide

Earth Auger Buying Guide

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Overview of Earth Auger

An auger is a type of drilling device, which mostly consists of a rotating helical blade or the drill bit which acts as a screw conveyor and easily removes the drilled out material. The rotating action of the blade creates a hole and removes out the material from it. Here, an auger that is specifically used in digging post holes is known as Earth auger. It is generally powered by an internal combustion engine or an electric motor or can even be manually turned on a handheld device.

Most often, handheld earth augers are used for the creation of holes in garden plantations. Powered earth augers are best suited for drilling operations on grounds, farms, nurseries, greenhouses. Earth augers are majorly used for agriculture purposes for drilling in farms for banana plantations, vegetable crops, etc. It is also used for Agriculture Institutes, new horticulture plantation, Highway authority, Contractors for fencing.

List of Different Types of Earth Auger

These are the complete list of different types of earth auger that will helps you.

#1.Hand Auger

This is the simplest type of earth auger. They are lightweight, portable as well as inexpensive and are ideal for small jobs requiring less effort, such as gardening, planting small trees and shrubs, or digging small holes. These augers typically range in cutting widths from 4”-8”, which makes them ideal for all small tasks.

#2.One-Man Auger

If hand drills are not enough to handle your needs, one-man drills may work for you. This is powered by either an engine or battery, which makes them an ideal tool for jobs that need deeper drilling. In case you’re going to dig between 2 and 12 holes, this is the perfect tool for the job. The lightweight and easy to use design makes them best suited for planting a couple of trees, putting up a small fence or drilling through thick ice.

#3.Two-Man Augers

These are a bit more heavy-duty than the one-man. Usually powered by a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine, these augers require two people to operate. In case you need to dig too many holes that are larger in size, a two-man auger is a perfect tool for the job.

What are the Usage of the Earth Auger

It is preferred for use by the farmers as they are the most durable, efficient, and labor-saving equipment, which can be used for agricultural purposes. Mainly used for drilling electric pole fencing in farmhouses, plantation of tree, garden, banana plantation, vegetable crops, etc, this tool has proven the tests of time.

Choosing the Best Earth Auger for Your Needs

With the ability to utilize a motor in order to generate the power in place of your arms and wrists, a powered auger is a much faster and more efficient tool to use. They are the best pole hole auger in case you are working on a larger garden or on farming and construction work that requires a lot of posts. Powered post hole digger makes those projects easy where the manual digger would take too long, and heavy tractor powered solutions would be excessive.

If the manual tools sound a bit too much like hard work, a petrol-driven earth auger is probably the best option for you. The powered auger is much faster to work on and highly efficient to use. It is the best hole auger if you are working on a large-sized garden or on landscaping, farming and construction work that requires a lot of posts.

Free Tips to remember at the time of purchasing an earth auger

Just check out these below-written tips and tricks that will help you in the selection of best earth auger.

#1)Engine Power

The power on an earth auger ranges between 2HP to 5HP. The larger ones are best suited for harder soil. When buying earth auger, you will have a choice between two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Machines with two-stroke engines are affordable but produce a lot of noise and require high maintenance whereas four-stroke machines produce lesser noise with simpler operation.

#2)The Diameter of Drill Bit

The diameter of earth auger bits ranges from 2” to 12” for one man operated machines and to 14” for two-man operated. Clearly, it is important to determine the drill bit size on the auger you purchase as this will determine the diameter of poles you can place into the hole that you make.

3)Depth Capacity

Depth is another factor in selecting earth auger. To dig deeper, more powerful engine and a larger bit is required. Typically, the depth of the auger bit is 2.5 feet or 76 cm. To dig deeper, extension up to 7.5 feet can be used.

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