Home Safes Buying Guide
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Home Safes Buying Guide

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Your house is a goldmine of profitable stuff, regardless of whether it’s adornments, family treasures or even money. In case you’re here, you’ve likely chosen to put resources into your very own home safe, yet with such a variety of to look over, how would you choose which is appropriate for you?

Decision Pointers for Buying Home Safes

This Buyer’s Guide for Home Safes is intended to give you the data you need to pick the correct safe. We’ll disclose to you a little about the sorts of safe accessible, including money safes, information sheltered etc. We’ll additionally clarify more about sizes, money appraisals and how your decision of safe influences your home protection arrangement.

  • What sort of home safes are accessible?
  • What sizes would it be a good idea for me to pick?
  • What do safe evaluations mean?
  • Which locks and embellishments do I require?

In case you’re asking yourself ‘which home safe would it be advisable for me to pick?’ you should first ask ‘what do I have to ensure’? This will impact your choice on each of the accompanying alternatives. On the off chance that you have a smart thought of what will be inside your safe, your choice of which one to pick here ought to be significantly less difficult.

What sort of home safes are accessible?

The Industrybuying online store offers a wide assortment of home safes, from straightforward spending safes, money safes and eurograde safes to extraordinarily outlined fire safes, information safes or the most recent underfloor and divider safes. All have been produced by one of the greatest brands in the business, such Godrej, Ozone and Chubbsafes.

  • Cash safes
  • Security safes
  • Commercial safes
  • Depository safes
  • Electronic safes
  • Home safes
  • Office safes
  • Data safes
  • Fire resistant safes
  • Gun safes

While money and security safes are outlined in view of thievery, fire and information safes have been intended to withstand the extra risk of a home fire. Imperative information can be devastated due to fire. Are your visas, deeds and different reports ensured? Time to give it a thought!

What sizes would it be advisable for me to pick?

It’s implied that the kind of safe you pick will depend mainly on what you are wanting to ensure. An extensive variety of sizes are accessible, including tablet safes. Make a rundown of things you have to store and after that pick the most fitting measurements in your preferred safe.

It is additionally worth considering where the sheltered will be situated. Underfloor or divider safes are ultra-secure approaches to shield property since they are not seen, yet their size will rely on upon where you plan to introduce them in the home.


Alright, so size may not make any difference in a few occurrences, but with regards to picking a safe it’s a basic requirement.

Components to consider when purchasing a safe

#1)Outside size

Consider the space that your safe will or won’t go into. Sizes of safes are normally given in milli-meters (mm) and will disclose to you the stature, width, and profundity of the safe. Check and assure yourself that you have space and that the entryway will open effortlessly, and verify whether the safe has outer pivots which will likewise influence its position and operation.

#2)Inner size

What do you have to store inside your safe? Will it fit? The inside size will contrast based on the kind of safe. The more secure, reviewed or overwhelming, the thicker the mass of the safe, and the less space it will have inside. Numerous safes are intended to store particular things, for example, tablets, records or different things. Keep a check if you can really fit your assets inside!


The weight of a safe will change massively, so consider this while picking a safe. The heavier the safe, the more secure it is. In any case, the heavier the safe, the more improbable it will be to have it situated on first floor or higher as the building joists may not take the weight. Substantial safes are more qualified to ground floors and furthermore do not need a robust establishment cost to get your safe upstairs.


There are three alternatives you have to consider while picking a safe. The bolt can be the most costly piece of a safe, anc you need to consider if you require key, mechanical or electronic safes.

This is what you have to think about locking decisions:


  • Simple to utilize
  • Exceptionally dependable
  • Can be stolen
  • Long
  • If lost it can be  costly to supplant
  • Losing a key can bring about changing the bolt – exceptionally costly!


  • Three of four number mixes
  • Take more time to open
  • No keys to lose
  • Exceptionally dependable.
  • Easy to utilize
  • Simple to change the mix
  • Enables various clients to approach
  • Battery-operated
  • Electronic locks must be fitted by a qualified designer.


Most present-day safes have a 30 – hour long fire security for paper, albeit a few safes will offer all the more if we rely on their built and framework. Fire insurance will protect your documents from damage in case of a fire and can withstand exceptional heat until the point when the fire is put out.

#7)Different OPTIONS to Choose From

  • Additional racks
  • Twin key bolt
  • Lockable drawers
  • Inward pantries

Buy quality home safes online at Industrybuying.com

Industrybuying is your one-stop destination for the highest quality of safes in India. We house in a carefully selected variation of safes such as home safes, electronic safes, fire resistant safes, office safes, etc. The products that we deal in are 100% authentic and manufactured by top-tier brands such as Ozone, Dorset, Godrej, Chubb safes, etc.

So, you can rest totally assured about the quality of the products listed on our portal even when you are buying Locking Systems. Besides branded products, you also get a full-frontal 100% warranty on them. Moreover, businessmen looking to purchase power saws in large quantities can avail huge discounts on bulk purchases. So, start shopping online at our portal for additional offers and discounts!

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