Everything you need to know to Buy Solar Panels

ground solar panels in a field under a blue skyground solar panels in a field under a blue sky

Solar panels have proved their efficiency by providing lighting solution to the far flung areas with no electricity. With the continuous focus and debate going around adopting cleaners means of energy and reducing our dependency on non-renewable energy sources solar panels have started to become a crowd favorite. There are many benefits of opting for solar panels from being Eco-friendly to lower cost on electric consumption.

If you are looking to buy solar panels for your home or office it is essential to be first aware of how exactly solar panels provide electricity and what are the various components so as to make a wise purchase. Here is everything you must know before going out to buy Solar panels:

How to choose Solar panels?

You might some really cheap solar panels online or at retail shops. It is essential that you do not get distracted by lower prices and focus on the equality. You can check out the online platform where you can find renowned brands offering with solar panels at best prices. Look out for operating wattage, certifications and the material used to manufacture the solar panel.

Also, make sure that you have evaluated the number of solar panels you will require to meet the power requirement at your home or office. Accordingly, see to it that there is enough space to install the solar panels. It is necessary that you choose open spaces without any shaded area as it might have an adverse impact on the efficiency.

The energy producing capabilities of a solar panel are determined in Watts. So, if you happen to find a solar panel of 200 watts it means that it can produce 200 Watts of in 1 hour in ideal conditions i.e. proper sunlight. You can use this to determine the number of solar panels you have to buy and install.

Different types of Solar panels

Solar panels are classified according to the Photovoltaic cells it has. These only absorb the solar light and convert into electric energy for consumption. The three types of photovoltaic cells are:

  • Mono-crystalline Silicon: Solar panels made from monocrystalline cells have a higher tolerance for heat and better conversion efficiency.
  • Poly-crystalline Silicon: While these have low conversion efficiency but considering the cost, it turns out to be the most commonly used cells in solar panels.
  • Amorphous Silicon: Solar panels made from Amorphous Silicon can be easily put on building facades or at places where the Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline cells cannot be used. These are cheapest and also less efficient.

Solar panels are slowly garnering crowd attentions and needless to say the brands are providing with several solar lighting solutions such as solar bulbs. Rest assured solar lighting solutions is the future and the right way to protect our environment from harmful emission by traditional lighting solutions. Also, with solar panels providing electricity power cuts won’t be an issue anymore.

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