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Electrical tools are one of the most important products to be installed in your houses, offices, or industries. You cannot risk investing your time and money in the wrong electrical products, making you regret your choices later. A poor choice of electrical components can lead to major accidents. Therefore, careful consideration, guided installation, and trust are required while purchasing a quality electrical appliance.

The electrical equipment is safe, secure, trusted, and economical and is meant to fulfill all your industrial needs. We ensure quality, variety, fast delivery, the best brands, competitive pricing, and 100% satisfaction. You can buy everything electrical products online without much effort.  

Our Best-Selling Subcategories Include: 

Wires are vital to your electrical system, as they transmit electrical energy from one place to another. Wire accessories are also used for home appliances, computers, and telecommunication systems. Industrybuying offers various wires to meet your requirements, including drippage irrigation wires, flame retardant (FR) industrial wires and bare copper cables. You can connect with us to learn more information on purchasing electrical products.

  1. Stabilizers: For maintaining a constant voltage during fluctuations, it is important to have a stabilizer that protects your machinery, and electrical fittings, saves the added expenses in the business due to voltage surges. We offer Stabilizers from top brands like Mikrotik, V-guard, Luminous, and Bluebird.
  1. Fans: In a country where summer lasts 7-8 out of 12 months, fans become necessary. Hence, we provide fans from globally recognised brands such as Almonard, Crompton, Candes, Orient, etc.
  1. Air conditioners & Coolers: Purchasing cooling equipment from us gives you one major advantage: the ability to choose between the top 5 market-leading brands. You can compare the products and orders from market leaders like Voltas, Daikin, Blue Star, Godrej, Whirlpool, and Carrier.
  1. Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB): Safety is all you need while ordering MCBs for residential or industrial applications, and quality is what Industrybuying stands for. MCBs from us will go a long way, to match the trust between our consumers and us.
  1. Switches, Plugs & Connectors: You can’t risk buying switches and plugs from places you don’t trust. Therefore, we are here to offer trusted products on electrical hand tools from reliable brands like Havells, Schneider, L&T, Honeywell, etc.

Our competitive pricing and the assured quality of the electrical toolbox make us the best in the market.

Top Brands Selling Under Electrical Category

We are proud to disclose that we deal in 100+ globally recognised brands for electrical connectors, which include:

  1. Kalinga: One of the oldest & renowned names among wiring accessories and cable manufacturing companies, Kalinga has established itself in cable wires, telecommunication, co-axial cables, LT Power / Control Cables & PVC Conduit Pipes.
  1. Almonard: India’s most trusted market leader in the fan market with a wide variety of fan products such as wall, pedestal, table, and ceiling fans, heavy-duty exhaust fans, medium-duty fans, ventilation fans, in/out fans.
  1. Havells: It is a globally recognised fast-moving electrical goods (FMEG) company covering a wide range of consumer as well as industrial electrical appliances such as fans, cables, wires, switchgear, etc.
  1. Voltas: A multinational company specializing in air conditioning and cooling technology. It provides top-class eco-friendly split ACs, Water coolers, water dispensers, and Window ACs at competitive prices.
  1. Luminous: Intelligent, eco-friendly, and economical batteries and inverters from the #1 Brand at your doorstep. However, the electrician tool set should be properly arranged with branded tools to present the better quality of the work. 

We believe in providing electrical appliances to our consumers with a large number of choices to choose from. So, we list other top-class brands such as Carrier, Candes, Mikrotik, Polycab, Symphony,, Mxvolt, Daikin, Blue Star, Bluebird, Bajaj, Godrej, Crompton, Schneider electrical products etc.

What Are The Changes In The Electrical Tools To Use Them safely

There have been several changes in electrical tools over the years to make them safer. Here are some of the main changes that have been made: 

  1. Grounding: Electrical tools are now designed with three-pronged plugs, which include a grounding wire that helps to prevent electrical shock. It is important to ensure that the outlet also has a grounding wire.
  2. Insulation: Electrical tools are now designed with improved insulation to prevent electrical shocks. Insulation can be made from materials such as rubber, plastic, or fiberglass.
  3. Circuit breakers: Circuit breakers are now included in electrical tools to protect against electrical overload. When the circuit is overloaded, the breaker will trip and cut off power to the tool, preventing damage or fire.
  4. Double insulation: Some electrical tools now have double insulation, meaning they have two layers of insulation between the user and the electrical components. This provides an extra layer of protection against electrical shock.
  5. GFCI protection: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection is now included in many electrical tools, especially those used in wet environments. GFCI protection works by cutting off power to the tool if it detects a ground fault, preventing electrical shock.

It is important to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions when using electrical tools to ensure they are used safely. Additionally, it is important to inspect tools regularly for signs of wear or damage and to replace them if necessary.

Some Safety Rules for Electrical Appliances: 

  1. If you're working on a receptacle at a height, never use an Aluminum or steel ladder. You will be grounded when an electrical surge occurs, and the entire electric current will travel through your body. Bamboo, wood, or fiberglass ladder can be used instead.
  2. Use appropriate insulated rubber gloves and goggles for safety while working on any branch or electrical circuit. 
  3.  Equipment should never be used with frayed cords, damaged insulation, or broken plugs.
  4. Disconnect the power source before servicing or repairing electrical equipment.
  5. Drain Capacitors before working near them and keep the short circuit on the terminals during the work to prevent electrical shock.
  6. Use only tools and equipment with non-conducting handles when working on electrical devices.
  7. If water or a chemical is spilled onto equipment, shut off power at the main switch or circuit breaker and unplug the equipment. NEVER try to remove water or similar from equipment while energized.
  8. Never handle electrical equipment when hands, feet, or body are wet, perspiring, or standing on a wet floor.
  9. Be aware that interlocks on equipment disconnect the high voltage source when a cabinet door is open, but power for control circuits may remain on.
  10. Do not store flammable liquids near electrical equipment or cable accessories.

Why Industrybuying?

IndustryBuying is a one-stop platform for industrial needs. We provide products from a wide range of brands across the globe to buy electrical tools online. We stand committed to providing you with the fastest delivery and easy payment service at ease. Enjoy Shopping every day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the difference between electrical tools and equipment?

Equipment is the collective term for all the tools and appliances used to achieve a goal. It is generally applied to those used in industry, construction and manufacturing. Tools are objects used to make work easier by increasing task efficiency. If asked to name an example of equipment, they might think of a plough or tractor. However, the equipment can be as simple as a screwdriver or wrench.

2. What is an example of electrical equipment?

Electrical equipment, whether used in the home or a business, must be properly installed and connected to a functional power source. Electrical work can be complicated and dangerous if done incorrectly.

3. What is the need for the maintenance of electrical equipment?

Electrical maintenance is more than just a monthly check. It is an ongoing process to keep your device working properly and safely. Regular electrical maintenance takes all the guesswork out of getting your electric device back up to speed quickly with minimal downtime and cost.

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