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What are Air Coolers?

Air Coolers are one of the most loved sources for cooling us in scorching heat. They provide cool breezy air and are considered the best source for cooling as it is budget-friendly, easy to maintain, and portable. Air Coolers take are budget-friendly and take up less space. That's why Air Coolers are the best option for many people. You need to consider your necessities and consider looking for a cooler according to your needs. 

Types of Air Coolers

 1. Personal Coolers


Personal Coolers are designed for small spaces and are very portable. They are also known as 'mini air coolers.' These coolers are well-known for conserving energy while also purifying the air in your surroundings to provide fresh, cool air that relieves sweat and heat. Personal coolers are lighter than other coolers, making them portable and easy to use anytime, anywhere. These personal air coolers from Industrybuying come with features like water drain plugs, inverter, and compatibility. 


 2. Tower Coolers


Tower Coolers can cool a larger area or space, making them extremely powerful. They distribute air vertically. Tower coolers can cool larger rooms in less time. They take in hot air and evaporate the heat to give out cool air. Tower coolers use a combination of fan and water cooling methods. These air coolers are designed to be as quiet as possible and produce as little noise as possible.


3. Window Coolers 


In Window Coolers, the unit has a tank placed outside the house and takes up no interior space. Even though it only takes up small wall space, it effectively cools the room. Window air coolers last a long time because they are high-quality plastic and include honeycomb pads. These coolers are slightly more expensive than personal and tower air coolers, requiring more frequent maintenance. Window air coolers are energy-efficient and provide adequate cooling.


4. Desert Air Coolers


Desert Air Coolers are appropriate for areas with low humidity and high temperatures. These coolers also work by evaporating heat from the water and forcing cool air through the system. The name 'desert cooler' comes from the fact that such conditions are primarily found in desert areas. Desert air coolers help to cool enclosed spaces by lowering the ambient temperature. 


Advantages of having an Air Cooler

1. Cost-Effective: Air Coolers are a great option if you are looking for something that will cool your space while not being heavy on your pocket


2. No Installation hassles: There is no problem in installing an Air Cooler. It can be done by one person and does not take too much time.


3. Occupies less space: Air Coolers are available in various sizes. Most of the coolers are compact, lightweight, and easy to move.


4. Easy to move: It is easy to move Air coolers from one place to another, which makes them highly portable and helps in making the cleaning process more accessible as well


5. Low Electricity Bill: The electricity bill of Air Coolers is so much low as compared to air conditioners


Things to consider when buying an Air Cooler

1. Size of your room: You need to consider the size of your room for purchasing a suitable Air Cooler. For example, a small air cooler will not be able to provide enough cooling for a big room


2. Temperature outside: It is necessary to consider the temperature outside to know if a cooler will be suitable for it or if you need something else


3. Water Capacity: Make sure to choose a cooler according to your usage amount. Example: If you use a cooler for a more extended period, then it is important to pick a water cooler with a more extensive water capacity


4. Space to store a cooler: You need to consider a place or area where you will place the Air Cooler in advance before purchasing it


5. Throwing Distance: Make sure to consider the throwing distance before purchasing a cooler, as you will not be able to enjoy the cooling air if you do not give it a proper space for throwing air


Maintenance of an Air Cooler


1. Keep your Air Cooler in an open area so that it can throw cool air.


2. Clean the exterior of your cooler regularly to avoid it from looking dirty and keeping the body of the cooler in good condition


3. Clean the pump of the cooler regularly to avoid it from clogging and enjoying the fresh air


4. Drain the water tank when not in use, as still water leads to the breeding of mosquitos


5. Clean the cooling pads of your cooler once a month to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt


Top-Selling Air Coolers at Industrybuying

S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Symphony Ninja 27 Litre White Air Cooler

Rs. 7,700

Rs. 6,500


Evapoler WK-180 K 750 Watts Cooler with Manual Switch

Rs. 40,000

Rs. 38,900


Blue Star 60 Ltr Air Cooler (DA60EMA, Grey)

Rs. 17,000

Rs. 16,120


Havells Freddo-i 70 Ltr Stainless Steel Air Cooler White- GHRACAMK220

Rs. 24,000

Rs. 18,800


Havells KoolGrande65 65 Ltr Plastic Air Cooler 220 W White & Grey- GHRACAAW020

Rs. 17,400

Rs. 14,300


Mccoy Plastic White and Grey 55 Ltr Gust 55 Desert Cooler

Rs. 10,000

Rs. 9,400


Wybor Plastic White and Black Iceland Desert Cooler 90Ltr

Rs. 10,700

Rs. 9,120


Voltas 9 Ltr Personal Air Cooler White Junior 10

Rs. 6,900

Rs. 6,400


Voltas 47 Ltr Desert Air Cooler with Turbo Air Throw White Victor 47

Rs. 11,900

Rs. 11,600


Voltas Jetmax 70 Desert Air Cooler with Turbo Air Throw White 70 Ltr

Rs. 10,200

Rs. 8,900


General frequently asked questions

Q1. What are the things that we should consider before buying an Air Cooler?

1. Size of the Room

2. Temperature Outside 

3. Water Capacity 

4. Space to store the cooler


Q2. How much temperature can the Air Cooler reduce?

An Air Cooler can reduce the temperature of a single room by 5 degrees to 15 degrees.


Q3. Where can we find the best Air Coolers online?

Industrybuying is the one-stop destination for buying Air Coolers online. We offer premium quality products from top brands at wholesale rates. 




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