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A hydraulic motor is a mechanical device that converts hydraulic pressure/liquid flow into mechanical energy which in turn provides rotation or movement.  In fact, various mechanical devices that use fluids pressure to move or power something will have hydraulic motors. Example of hydraulic motors can be found in simple lift systems to some bigger equipment like earthmovers and wind turbines, etc. Hydraulic motors are simple but provide great power in comparison to other motors such as electrical motors. For example, electrical motors are needed to be sized according to the applications they mean to load to provide rotations but for hydraulic motors even a small sized motor can be applied for working out heavy loads. Also, for a heavy electromechanical system, a big electric motor needs to be directly placed on the motion axis and may also need continuous supply of electricity from an external source which may not be possible in some situations. But in the case of a hydraulic motor, a small hydraulic motor can do the job much more effectively.

Types of Hydraulic Motors

There are various types of hydraulic motors, some of them are as follows-:

Gear Motors- There are two types of gear hydraulic motors- internal gear and external gear motors.  Internal gear hydraulic motors are designed for a quiet operation in which supply of hydraulic fluids under pressure makes the rotor move along the inner periphery of the stator or stationary part of the motor  to generate torque. In external gear hydraulic motors a set of meshing gears are enclosed in a sealed housing and when pressurized hydraulic fluids flow into the housing it creates an action on the gear teeth and makes the gears rotate and this movement is transmitted to the workload through an output shaft connected to the rotating gears passing through the motor housing.

Vane Motors- This type of motor has moveable vanes connected to a centrally located output shaft in a housing that receives hydraulic fluid under pressure from the pump. This action results in rotating the output shaft, which is tapped for power.

Piston Motors- There are two types of piston motors- Axial piston motors and Radial piston motors. The cylinders in axial piston motors are arranged in a circle parallel to each other. These cylinders, once filled with high pressure fluid, make pistons move outwards and cause rotation. Whereas, in a radial piston hydraulic motors the cylinders are arranged radially with the pistons moving inwards to push against a cam located in canter causing it to rotate. These motors are generally used as wheel motors and for other suitable applications like forklifts, etc.

Applications of Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic motors are mostly used in earth moving equipment like excavators, skids, forklifts, heavy dumper trucks, bulldozers, etc.  and also in agricultural equipment. Since these motors provide high torque at low speeds, construction equipment also use heavy hydraulic motors to drive the wheels for moving the machines around. More examples of their applications include boring, reaming, drilling, jumbo jet jacks, electric motor coiled winding, etc.

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