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Enhance fluid control with our robust Steel Strainer collection. Engineered for precision, our stainless steel strainers ensure efficient filtration and protect your systems. Featuring trusted brands like Aira Euro, Donaldson, and Zoloto, each steel strainer promises durability and effectiveness. Whether you're seeking a budget-friendly option priced at ₹499 or opting for premium stainless steel strainers at ₹12,000, our selection caters to every filtration need.

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What is a Steel Strainer?

Strainers, also known as stainless steel strainer, is a crucial component in the realm of hydraulics and pneumatics. Its primary purpose is filtering, ensuring that unwanted particles and debris are effectively separated from liquids and gases. Whether it's a stainless steel sink type or a steel tea strainer with a handle, these are the ones that maintain the purity of fluids, safeguarding your equipment and processes.

How Does a Strainer Work?

A strainer helps in the efficient filtering of liquids and gases. The following are the points that will make you understand the working mechanisms of strainers:

  • a. Filtering Process: A stainless steel strainer, or steel strainer with handle, operates on a simple yet efficient filtering principle.

  • b. Unwanted Particle Capture: When fluids or gases flow through this one, its fine mesh or perforated surface captures and retains unwanted particles.

  • c. Physical Barrier: These use a physical barrier, such as a fine mesh or perforated surface, to trap particles as the fluid or gas passes through.

  • d. Particle Size Selection: The one with mesh or perforations are designed to allow the desired fluid or gas to pass while capturing particles of specific sizes.

  • e. Gravity and Pressure: These can work under gravity or pressure-driven systems, making them versatile in various applications.

  • f. Easy Maintenance: These are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring continuous operation with minimal downtime.

  • g. Pre-Filtering: These act as pre-filters, protecting more sensitive downstream components from potential damage caused by larger particles.

  • h. Compatibility: They are compatible with different fluids and gases, including oils, water, air, and more.

  • i. Versatility: These find applications in industries like manufacturing, automotive, chemical, and food processing.

  • j. Non-Obstructive Flow: Properly designed ones offer minimal resistance to flow, ensuring smooth operation in the system.

  • k. In-line Installation: These are typically installed in-line within the hydraulic or pneumatic system for efficient particle removal.

  • l. Longevity: With durable materials like stainless steel, these offer long-lasting performance in demanding environments.

Explore a wide range of strainers and related hydraulic and pneumatic equipment in addition to hose fittings products on our website at the best prices. 

Where is a Strainer commonly used? 

Steel Strainers are found to be used in various sectors for a variety of applications, some of which are mentioned below:

  • a. Filtration in Manufacturing: Stainless steel strainers find extensive use in manufacturing processes, ensuring particle-free fluids in production lines.

  • b. Automotive Sector: Steel Strainers play a vital role in automotive systems, protecting engines and hydraulic components from contaminants.

  • c. Oil and Gas Sector: These are utilised in oil and gas pipelines to ensure the purity of fluids and protect equipment from debris.

  • d. Agricultural Applications: In agriculture, these are employed in irrigation systems to filter water and prevent clogs in spray nozzles.

  • e. Pharmaceutical Industry: Stainless steel ones maintain the purity of pharmaceutical liquids during production and processing.

  • f. HVAC Systems: Steel Strainers are integrated into heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to keep HVAC components clean.

  • g. Water Treatment Plants: These play a crucial role in water treatment processes, removing impurities before distribution.

  • h. Marine and Shipbuilding: Steel ones are used in marine systems to ensure seawater quality and protect ship machinery.

  • i. Beverage Production: These aid in beverage manufacturing, filtering liquids for consistent quality and taste.

  • j. Painting and Coating Applications: These are used in paint and coating processes to remove particles and ensure smooth finishes.

  • k. Mining and Construction: In mining and construction equipment, these prevent damage caused by abrasive particles.

  • l. Power Generation: These are used in power plants to protect turbines and equipment from contaminants.

  • m. Food Processing: Stainless steel sink ones and other types help maintain sanitary conditions during food processing.

  • n. Wastewater Management: These are utilised in wastewater treatment to remove solid particles before discharge.

What are the types of a Strainer?

  • a. Basket type: Ideal for heavy-duty applications, these stainless steel ones feature a basket-like design to hold a large quantity of debris.

  • b. Y-Type ones: Resembling the letter "Y," these steel strainers effectively remove debris in pipelines, offering easy maintenance.

  • c. Duplex Type: These ones consist of two parallel baskets that allow continuous flow even during maintenance by switching between them.

  • d. T-Type Type: Resembling the letter "T," these ones are effective for applications where space is limited.

  • e. Conical Type: Featuring a conical shape, these ones are efficient in removing large particles and are easy to clean.

  • f. Simplex Type: Simplex ones have a single chamber, suitable for applications where occasional maintenance is acceptable.

  • g. Plate Type: These ones use perforated plates for filtering, providing durability and efficient particle removal.

  • h. Cartridge Type: Cartridge-based ones are replaceable and offer a higher surface area for improved filtering capacity.

  • i. Bag Type: Bag ones use filter bags to capture particles, providing versatility in selecting filtering levels.

  • j. Magnetic Type: Employing magnets, these are effective in removing ferrous particles from fluids.

  • k. Cone Type: With a cone-shaped design, these ones are efficient for applications where frequent cleaning is required.

  • l. Coarse Type: Designed for large particle removal, coarse ones are commonly used in wastewater treatment and agricultural applications.

What are the advantages of a Strainer?

  • a. Efficient Filtering: Stainless steel strainers and steel ones effectively remove particles, ensuring clean fluids and gases.

  • b. Equipment Protection: These safeguard critical components from damage caused by contaminants, extending their lifespan.

  • c. Contamination Prevention: These effectively remove debris, dirt, and other contaminants, maintaining fluid and gas purity.

  • d. Improved System Performance: Clean fluids enhance efficiency and smoother operation of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

  • e. Cost-Effective Solution: Investing in them prevents costly repairs and equipment damage caused by particles.

  • f. Versatility: These can be customised to suit specific applications and flow rates.

  • g. Easy Maintenance: These are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring continuous system performance.

  • h. Compatibility: Stainless steel ones and steel strainer can handle a wide range of fluids and gases.

  • i. Longevity: Durable materials like stainless steel provide long-lasting performance in demanding environments.

  • j. Sustainable Operations: These contribute to sustainable practices by preserving fluid resources.

  • k. Consistent Product Quality: These ensure consistent quality in manufacturing processes by filtering out impurities.

  • l. Reduced Downtime: Regular use of these minimises clogs and system breakdowns, reducing downtime.

  • m. Safety Enhancement: These protect downstream components, preventing potential hazards caused by contaminants.

  • n.Wide Industry Applications: These find uses in diverse industries, from food processing to oil and gas.

  • o. Customizable FilteringLevels: These are available in various mesh sizes and perforations, allowing tailored filtering based on specific needs.

  • p. Ease of Installation: These are designed for easy integration into existing systems, minimising installation time and effort.

  • q. Compact Design: Their compact and space-saving design makes them suitable for installations in confined spaces.

  • r. Reduced Maintenance Costs: By preventing the accumulation of debris in downstream components, they contribute to lower maintenance expenses.

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


 Zoloto 150 mm Flanged Cast Iron Strainer Y Type 1084

 Rs. 14800


AKARI SS-YS-1-1/4" Stainless Steel Y Strainer 1-1/4 Inch

 Rs. 1180


 AKARI SS-YS-2" Stainless Steel Y Strainer 2 Inch

 Rs. 1990

4 AKARI Brass Stainer Filter 1-1/4 Inch

 Rs. 958


 AKARI SS-YS-1/2" Stainless Steel Y Strainer 1/2 Inch

 Rs. 4180


 HYDAX 60 LPM Suction Strainer SS6063 1” BSP - P

 Rs. 999


 AKARI Brass Stainer Filter 1/2 Inch

 Rs. 2180


 AKARI Brass Stainer Filter 1 Inch

 Rs. 4480

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Steel Strainer

1. What is the advantage of using a stainless steel strainer over other materials?

Stainless steel ones offer superior durability and resistance to corrosion, making them ideal for harsh environments and prolonged use. Their robust construction ensures longevity and efficient filtering for various fluids and gases.

2. Can a steel-type strainer be used in hydraulic systems?

Yes, steel strainer is commonly used in hydraulic systems to prevent contamination and protect crucial components. Their ability to handle high pressure and withstand hydraulic fluid makes them an effective choice for filtering.

3. What makes a stainless steel sink strainer suitable for kitchen use?

A stainless steel sink type is ideal for kitchens due to its rust-resistant properties and hygienic design. It efficiently traps food particles and debris, preventing clogs in the sink drain while being easy to clean and maintain.

Top Selling Products of Strainer

Product Name Expected Price Discount Dispatch Time
Flowtek 25mm CF8 Y Type Strainer Rs.889 22% OFF 2 days
AKARI Brass Stainer Filter 2 Inch Rs.2390 37% OFF 4 days
AKARI Brass Stainer Filter 1/2 Inch Rs.229 37% OFF 4 days
Techno Size 1/2" Air/Exhaust Valve Rs.419 11% OFF 3 days
HYDAX 450 LPM Suction Strainer SS450140 3” BSP - M Rs.1990 - 5 days
Techno 4001 Size 2" Strainer Valve Rs.2490 29% OFF 3 days
Techno 4001 Size 1-1/2" Strainer Valve Rs.1690 20% OFF 3 days
HYDAX 200 LPM Suction Strainer SS20090 2” BSP - P Rs.899 8% OFF 5 days
AKARI SS-YS-2" Stainless Steel Y Strainer 2 Inch Rs.2290 33% OFF 4 days
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