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Elevate your business communications with our elite range of Conference Phones. Designed for clarity and seamless connectivity, our devices ensure every voice is heard. Featuring top brands like Polycom, Panasonic, and Yealink, every conference call becomes a symphony of clear conversations. Whether you're considering a budget-friendly option priced at ₹9,500 or seeking the premium touch of a Polycom conference phone at ₹68,000, our selection meets all your professional communication needs. Connect and collaborate effortlessly with our Panasonic range!

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A Comprehensive Guide On Conference phone

It is a specialised device designed for group communication during conference calls. It enables multiple participants to converse regardless of physical location. These phones have advanced audio technology to ensure clear and intelligible sound transmission. Upgrade your communication capabilities with our high-quality conference speaker to facilitate effective collaboration during remote meetings. 

What are the top most features of using conference phone?

The phones available at Industrybuying are affordable like yealink conference phone, operates by utilising advanced audio technology to enable seamless communication during group calls. Here's how it works:

  • a. Multi-directional microphones: The devices feature built-in microphones that capture audio from all directions, allowing for natural and immersive conversations.

  • b. Connectivity options: They are designed to connect effortlessly with various systems, including intercom system, landline phones, walkie-talkies, and wireless microphones.

  • c. Superior audio clarity: They utilise cutting-edge technology to ensure crystal-clear sound quality, eliminating disruptions or distortions.

  • d. Multiple participant support: With built-in multi-directional microphones, these devices capture voices from all angles, enabling seamless conversations among participants.

  • e. Versatile connectivity: they seamlessly integrate with various systems, including landline phones, walkie talkies, and wireless microphones, providing flexible communication options.

  • f. Wireless convenience: Experience the freedom of movement with our wireless phones, allowing you to conduct meetings from anywhere within range.

  • g. Enhanced features: Explore advanced features like echo cancellation, noise reduction, and call recording, optimising the conference call experience. Upgrade your conferencing setup with our top-notch conference speakers, Polycom phones, or wireless phones available at Industrybuying. Enhance collaboration and productivity during your remote meetings. Visit our landing page now to explore our extensive range of phone solutions. 

What are the advantages of a conference phone?

These cutting-edge communication devices offer numerous benefits for businesses. Here's why you should consider them:

  • a. Enhanced audio quality: They ensure crystal-clear sound transmission, enabling seamless communication during important meetings.

  • b. Improved collaboration: With multi-directional microphones and advanced audio technology, phones facilitate practical cooperation between participants.

  • c. Cost-effective solution: Reduce travel expenses by conducting virtual phone meetings, eliminating the need for face-to-face interactions.

  • d. Increased productivity: Streamline communication and decision-making with these, minimising delays and enhancing overall productivity.

  • e. Versatile connectivity: they seamlessly integrate with various systems, including landline phones, walkie-talkies, and wireless microphones. Upgrade your communication setup with our high-quality conference speakers, Polycom conference phones, or wireless phones. Discover the advantages of these devices at and take your business communication to new heights.

  • f. Global connectivity: Connect with colleagues, clients, and teams across different locations, breaking geographical barriers and facilitating international collaboration.

  • g. Enhanced clarity: Enjoy exceptional audio quality with this, ensuring every voice is heard clearly, leading to better understanding and engagement.

  • h. Flexibility and scalability: they offer scalability to accommodate meetings of various sizes, from small team discussions to large-scale conferences.

  • i. Integration capabilities: Seamlessly integrate them with other communication systems such as landline phones, walkie-talkies, and wireless microphones for enhanced functionality. Upgrade your communication setup with our range of conference speakers, Polycom phones, or wireless phones available at Revolutionise your meetings and unlock the advantages of efficient and effective business communication.

What are the different types of conference phone?

Discover the best conference phone available at Industrybuying, catering to your diverse communication needs. The yealink conference phone is the best selling product. However, explore the following options:

  • a. Wired conference phones: Experience reliable and robust communication with traditional wired conference phones.

  • b. Wireless type-conference phones: Enjoy the freedom of movement and flexibility offered by wireless phones, eliminating the need for tangled cords.

  • c. VoIP conference phones: Embrace the future of communication with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) conference phones, enabling seamless integration with IP networks.

  • d. Bluetooth-enabled conference phones: Simplify connectivity and compatibility with Bluetooth-enabled conference phones, pairing with your devices effortlessly.

  • e. USB conference phones: Connect with ease using USB conference phones, providing convenient plug-and-play functionality for instant communication. Upgrade your conferencing setup with high-quality conference speakers, Polycom phones, or wireless phones available at Explore the different types and select the perfect phone solution for your business needs.

  • f. IP conference phones: Experience seamless integration with IP networks, enabling advanced features and streamlined communication.

  • g. DECT conference phones: Enjoy secure and interference-free communication with DECT technology, ideal for large conference rooms.

  • h. Analogue conference phones: Traditional analogue conference phones provide reliable and straightforward communication for various setups.

  • i. SIP conference phones: Embrace Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology for flexible and scalable communication solutions.

Expandable conference phones: Scale your communication capabilities as needed with expandable conference phones, accommodating growing teams. Upgrade your conferencing setup with our range of conference speakers, Polycom phones, or wireless phones available at Find the perfect phone to enhance your business communication today.

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Product Name

Expected Price


Yealink  SIP-T46U Productivity-enhancing SIP Phone

 Rs. 18800


Yealink  SIP-T30P Single Line Entry Level IP Phone

 Rs. 4680


Grandstream WP820 Portable Wi-Fi Phone Voip Phone and Device

 Rs. 19900

4 Polycom Sound Station Duo Analog Conference Phone

 Rs. 38800


Yealink Media Phone T58V

 Rs. 39900


Yealink Media Phone T56A

 Rs. 33800


Yealink Media Phone T54S

 Rs. 24800


Polycom Sound Station 2 Analog Conference Phone

 Rs. 28800

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Conference Speaker

1.Can a Polycom conference phone be used as a standalone conference speaker?

The best conference phone is polycome which is versatile devices that can function as standalone conference speakers. They are designed to provide excellent audio quality and facilitate effective communication during conference calls. With their built-in speakerphone capabilities, you can use a Polycom phone as a dedicated conference speaker without additional equipment. 

2.Can I record conference calls with a conference phone?

Some conference phones come with built-in recording features that allow you to capture conference calls for future reference. However, this feature may not be available in all models, so check the specifications before purchasing.   

3.Are there any additional accessories for conference phones?

Yes, some conference phones have optional accessories like extension microphones for larger meeting rooms, protective cases for portability, and additional power adapters for international use. 
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