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Power Bank Circuit Board

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Power up your devices reliably with our top-tier Power Bank Circuit Board collection. Engineered for efficiency, these boards guarantee long-lasting device charging. With brands like Invento leading our range, quality is ensured. Whether you're exploring options with a power bank module starting at just ₹299 or opting for our high-end power bank circuit board priced at ₹4,500, our selection promises optimal energy solutions for all your charging needs. Dive in for uninterrupted power!

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Know All About Power bank circuit boards

It is also known as a power bank PCB (Printed Circuit Board), a vital component enabling the functioning of a power bank. It serves as the core infrastructure responsible for managing and controlling the flow of electricity within the power bank. The circuit board comprises multiple electronic components, including resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits. These components work together to regulate the charging and discharging processes. 

What are the different types of power bank circuit boards?

At, you can find a variety of them to suit your charging needs:

  • a. Single-layer Power Bank Circuit Boards: These circuit boards are commonly used in primary power banks. They feature a single layer of conductive material and are suitable for simple charging applications.

  • b. Multi-layer Power Bank Circuit Boards: Designed for advanced power banks, these boards have multiple layers, enabling more complex circuitry and enhanced functionality. They offer greater flexibility and customisation options.

  • c. Wireless Charging Power Bank Circuit Boards: These specialised circuit boards enable wireless charging capabilities. They incorporate induction coils that allow contactless charging, providing convenience and ease of use.

  • d. Fast Charging Power Bank Circuit Boards: These circuit boards are optimised for high-speed charging. They utilise advanced charging technologies and components to deliver faster and more efficient device charging times.

  • e. Customizable Power Bank Circuit Boards: also offers customisable power bank circuit boards, allowing you to tailor the specifications and features to meet your specific requirements.

How does a power bank circuit board work?

It is a crucial component that ensures efficient charging and power delivery. Here's a closer look at how it works:

  • a. Power Input: When you connect a power source, such as a wall charger or USB cable, to the power bank, the circuit board receives the incoming electrical energy.

  • b. Energy Conversion: The circuit board includes components like voltage regulators and converters that convert the incoming energy to the voltage and current levels the connected devices require.

  • c. Charging Control: The circuit board manages the charging process, monitoring the battery levels and adjusting the charging current accordingly. It prevents overcharging, which can eventually result in battery damage or connected devices.

  • d. Battery Management: If the power bank has an internal battery, the circuit board controls the charging and discharging of the storm, ensuring optimal energy storage and release.

  • e. Power Output: When you connect your device to the power bank, the circuit board facilitates the transfer of power from the internal battery or power source to your device, allowing it to charge.

Explore the range of circuit boards and modules at Industrybuying to find reliable and efficient solutions for your charging needs. Complete your mobile setup with high-quality mobile accessories available on the platform with affordable power bank module price at Industrybuying.

What are the advantages of the power bank circuit board?

Explore the numerous advantages offered by it:

  • a. Efficient Power Management: it effectively manages the flow of electrical energy, maximising charging efficiency and minimising energy loss.

  • b. Portable Charging Solution: The power bank provides a portable and convenient charging solution, allowing you to recharge your devices on the go without access to a power outlet.

  • c. Versatile Compatibility: they are designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, feature phones, and other USB-powered devices.

  • d. Customisable Design: With them, you can customise the design and capacity of your power bank according to your specific needs and preferences.

  • e. Fast Charging Capability: Some support fast charging technologies, enabling quicker charging times for compatible devices.

  • f. Enhanced Safety Features: they incorporate safety mechanisms like overcharge protection, short circuit prevention, and temperature regulation, ensuring safe and reliable charging for your devices.

  • g. Long-lasting Power Supply: they, coupled with high-capacity batteries, provide a long-lasting power supply, allowing you to charge your devices multiple times before recharging the power bank.

  • h. Cost-effective Solution: Investing in them allows you to create your power bank at a lower cost than purchasing pre-made power banks.

Buy a power bank circuit board along with a power bank from Industrybuying and choose a hassle free mode of shopping.

What factors should I consider before buying power bank circuit boards?

Factors like capacity, charging speed, and compatibility should be considered when selecting a circuit board. Different circuit boards support various power capacities, allowing you to choose based on your charging needs. Some circuit boards are optimised for fast charging, enabling rapid power replenishment to devices.

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Expected Price


 Invento ISC 1735-3 Series 5V 1-2A Double Micro USB Step-Up Power Bank Circuit Board Boost Converter USB for DIY Power Bank Circuit Charger

 Rs. 1180


Invento ISC 1736-2 Series 5V 1-2A 3 Micro USB Step-Up Power Bank Circuit Board Boost Converter USB for DIY Power Bank Circuit Charger

 Rs. 948


 Invento ISC 1736-1 Series 5V 1-2A 3 Micro USB Step-Up Power Bank Circuit Board Boost Converter USB for DIY Power Bank Circuit Charger

 Rs. 558

4 Invento ISC 1734-3 Series 5V Step-Up Power Bank Circuit Board Boost Converter USB for DIY Power Bank Circuit Charger

 Rs. 499


 Invento ISC 1734-1 Series 5V Step-Up Power Bank Circuit Board Boost Converter USB for DIY Power Bank Circuit Charger

 Rs. 338


 Invento ISC 1736 Series 5V 1-2A 3 Micro USB Step-Up Power Bank Circuit Board Boost Converter USB for DIY Power Bank Circuit Charger

 Rs. 399


 Invento ISC 1735-1 Series 5V 1-2A Double Micro USB Step-Up Power Bank Circuit Board Boost Converter USB for DIY Power Bank Circuit Charger

 Rs. 618


 Invento ISC 1735-2 Series 5V 1-2A Double Micro USB Step-Up Power Bank Circuit Board Boost Converter USB for DIY Power Bank Circuit Charger

 Rs. 899

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Power Bank Circuit Board

1. Why is a power bank circuit board important for my portable charging needs?

It is essential for your portable charging needs because it regulates the flow of electricity and ensures efficient power delivery to your devices. With a reliable circuit board, you can trust your power bank to charge your mobile devices. It protects your devices from overcharging, short circuits, and voltage fluctuations, ensuring a reliable charging experience.

2. What are the benefits of choosing a power bank module with fast charging capabilities?

Opting for a power bank module's fast charging capabilities offers several benefits for a consumer. Firstly, it significantly reduces charging times, allowing you to quickly recharge your devices and return to using them. Fast charging is handy when you're in a hurry or have limited access to power outlets. Additionally, it provides convenience during travel or outdoor activities, where you may need more time or resources to charge your devices. With a power bank that supports fast charging, you can ensure your devices stay powered up, enabling uninterrupted communication, entertainment, and productivity throughout the day.

3. How do I choose the suitable power bank charging module based on the capacity for my charging needs?

When selecting, you must base capacity on a consumer's perspective and consider your charging needs and usage patterns. If you frequently charge multiple devices or have power-hungry devices like pads opting for a higher capacity module, such as 20000mAh power bank circuit boards, can ensure you have enough power for extended periods without access to a power source. On the other hand, if you primarily charge smartphones or prefer a more compact and portable power bank, a 10000mAh power bank circuit board might be sufficient. It's essential to balance capacity and portability based on your usage requirements and the devices you frequently charge.
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