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Buy Scanners Online in India

Now make your documents look good digitally with Scanners

A document scanner is a device that converts and captures images, text from paper form i.e. photographic prints, pamphlets, posters, magazine pages, and similar sources into digital data for computer editing and display. Document scanners come in hand-held, feed-in, and flatbed types and are able to scan black-and-white and color images. Scanners can sometimes be available as added components in 3-in-1 printers.

Types of Scanners

There are two types of scanners- Portable and Desktop. Portable document scanners comprise of foldable document scanners, handheld scanners and pen scanners. They are USB or battery powered, portable, compact, lightweight and versatile to use on the go. Portable scanners can scan a whole page or selected portions of a document with razor-sharp precision and quality. The way in which a scanner scans documents is another distinct difference among the various types of portable document scanners. Portable document scanners are foldable and can scan either the entire page or a selected part of a document in one go, while handheld or pen scanners need a user’s discretion to scan a specific portion of the page.

Desktop Document Scanners

Desktop document scanners consist of sheet-fed scanners and flatbed scanners. They are larger in size and resemble photocopiers. Sheet-fed scanners have a sheet feeder that pulls in documents sequentially and require minimum human interaction, whereas flatbed scanners are equipped with a glass plate and a lid. To scan a document you need to place it face-down on the glass plate with the lid totally closed. The final image is transferred digitally to a computer after the document has been scanned.

Uses of Scanners

Scanners are useful devices that are easy to use and powerful document scanners known for reducing time and labor as they help transform the information from printed materials to digital data storage, for instance, to the hard disks of a computer or to a storage in the cloud.

Additionally, by using a document scanner, it is possible for you to recover, retrieve and preserve old or valuable documents and give them a new lease on life that might not have been possible due to their poor condition. Scanners are useful when it comes to converting photographic materials into high-resolution image files like BMP or JPEG, for instance, old Black & White photographs, magazine pages, etc. You can also convert hand drawn pictures into an electronic format, for instance, line drawings, artwork, logos, signatures and science diagrams, et al. What’s more? You can also prepare for your exams and digitally save large volumes of books and notebooks. A typical scanner provides functions such as copy, fax, and scan-to-network capability for larger workgroups. Moreover, with a scanner you can easily make quick copies. Some modern scanners also act as fax machines as they allow you to send a fax using the printer’s control panel. You can also send a fax to multiple destinations at the same time. Lastly, a scanner allows you to scan multiple documents and send them back and forth to your computer, an e-mail address, a pen drive, etc.

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