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Tube Light Choke

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What is Tube Light Choke?

A "Choke" is a crucial component in tube lights and fluorescent lamps, ensuring their smooth operation. It regulates the electrical current flowing through the light, preventing excessive power consumption. Here are some key features:

  • a. Energy Efficiency

  • b. Extended Tube Life

  • c. Electronic one for Tube Light

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Where is Tube light choke commonly used? 

Choke finds widespread application in various lighting setups, owing to its indispensable role in regulating current flow. Here are common areas of use:

  • a. Tube Lights: These are an integral part of tube lights, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

  • b. Fluorescent Lamps: They are commonly used in choke in  fluorescent lamp to facilitate stable illumination.

  • c. CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps): Electronic choke for tubelight are prevalent in CFLs, enhancing energy efficiency.

  • d. Street Lighting: Ballast is utilized in street lights to maintain consistent brightness.

  • e. Industrial Lighting: These find applications in industrial lighting systems for reliable operation.

  • f. Commercial Spaces: They are commonly employed in offices, retail stores, and public spaces.

  • g. Residential Lighting: These are used in homes for traditional fluorescent tube lights and CFLs.

  • h. Educational Institutions: They find application in schools and universities for fluorescent lighting in classrooms and hallways.

  • i. Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: These are commonly employed in healthcare settings for consistent lighting in patient rooms and corridors.

  • j. Warehouse Lighting: These play a crucial role in industrial warehouses to ensure efficient lighting.

  • k. Parking Lots: They are used in outdoor lighting setups for parking areas and garages.

  • l. Sports Arenas: These are found in sports stadiums and arenas to provide adequate illumination during events.

  • m. Public Transportation: They are used in lighting fixtures for buses, trains, and other public transportation systems.

  • n. Garden and Landscape Lighting: These are utilized in outdoor lighting for gardens, parks, and landscapes.

  • o. Emergency: Designed to provide backup power to fluorescent lamps during power outages.

  • p. Instant-Start Electronic: Offer quick start-up without preheating, suitable for energy-efficient applications.

  • q. Programmable: Allow customization of lighting settings and control through programming options.

  • r. Hybrid Electronic-Magnetic: Combine features of both electronic and magnetic ones for specific applications.

  • s. Smart: Incorporate smart technology for remote control and monitoring of lighting systems.

  • t. Office Buildings: These are commonly used in office lighting setups to provide consistent and energy-efficient illumination.

  • u. Retail Stores: They find application in retail environments to create a well-lit and attractive shopping experience.

  • v. Hotels and Hospitality: These are utilized in hotels and hospitality establishments for ambient lighting in rooms, lobbies, and corridors.

  • w. Public Buildings: They are commonly installed in government buildings, libraries, museums, and other public spaces for proper lighting.

  • x. Outdoor Billboards: These are used in lighting fixtures for large outdoor billboards and advertisements.

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What are the types of Tube light choke

Ballast comes in various types to cater to different lighting needs. Here are the main types:

  • a. Electronic: Highly efficient and flicker-free, they are ideal for tube lights and CFLs.

  • b. Magnetic: Traditional electromagnetic ones suitable for standard fluorescent lamps.

  • c. CFL: Specifically designed for Compact Fluorescent Lamps, ensuring optimal performance.

  • d. Tubelight: Customized ones for tube lights, enhancing their longevity.

  • e. HID: High-Intensity Discharge ones for powerful outdoor lighting applications.

  • f. Instant Start: Offer rapid ignition and quick start-up for fluorescent lamps.

  • g. Rapid Start: Similar to instant start, but provide a small preheating current to extend lamp life.

  • h. Programmed Start: Optimal for frequent switching, offering extended lamp life and reduced energy consumption.

  • i. Dimmable: Designed to work with dimmer switches, allowing users to adjust the light intensity.

  • j. High-Frequency Electronic: Provide even higher efficiency and reduced noise compared to standard electronic ones.

  • k. Low-Frequency Electronic: Designed for specialized applications that require low-frequency operation.

  • l. High Wattage: Used in high-power lighting fixtures, such as industrial and outdoor luminaires.

  • m. Low Wattage: Suitable for low-power lighting applications, like small fluorescent fixtures.

  • n. Hybrid: Combine features of electronic and magnetic ones for specific lighting requirements.

  • o. UV: Utilized in UV lamps for disinfection, water purification, and other specialized purposes.

There is a wide range of these and lighting solutions including Street Lights, and Bulbs

What are the advantages of Tube light choke

Choke offers numerous benefits, making it an essential component in various lighting systems. Here are the advantages:

  • a. Energy Efficiency: These regulate current flow, reducing energy consumption and lowering electricity bills.

  • b. Extended Lamp Life: By preventing current fluctuations, they prolong the lifespan of tube lights and fluorescent lamps.

  • c. Stable Illumination: These provide steady lighting, minimizing flickering and ensuring a comfortable environment.

  • d. Compatibility: They are compatible with a wide range of lighting fixtures, including tube lights and CFLs.

  • e. Affordable Tube Light Choke: These are cost-effective solutions, offering long-term benefits without breaking the bank.

  • f. Improved Safety: These protect the lamp and circuit from voltage fluctuations, enhancing overall safety.

  • g. Instant-On Capability: Some of these enable instant start-up, providing immediate illumination without delays.

  • h. Reduced Maintenance: They contribute to lower maintenance costs due to increased lamp life and stability.

  • i. Environmental Friendly: These promote energy conservation, reducing the overall carbon footprint.

  • j. Noise Reduction: Electronic choke for tubelight produces less noise compared to traditional magnetic ones.

  • k. Wide Operating Voltage Range: These can work efficiently within a broad voltage range, accommodating fluctuations.

  • l. Heat Management: They assist in managing heat generated by the lamp, preventing overheating issues.

  • m. Compact Design: These come in compact sizes, making them suitable for various lighting fixtures.

  • n. Versatility: They can be used with different types of lamps, providing flexibility in lighting choices.

  • o. Reliable Performance: These ensure consistent lamp performance, even in challenging conditions.

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


 Crompton Electronic Ballast Choke

 Rs. 417


Bajaj BJHF 236/240 P 40W Regular Electronic Ballast

 Rs. 1196


 Philips EBE 136 Ballast

 Rs. 518

4 Bajaj BJOS 70 SV/MH 70W Open Construction Ballast

 Rs. 10800


 Bajaj BJOS 150 SV/MH 150W Open Construction Ballast

 Rs. 1780


 Bajaj BJHF 140 LHD 40W Leader Electronic Ballast

 Rs. 1236


 Bajaj BJHF 136/140 P 40W Regular Electronic Ballast

 Rs. 1076


 Bajaj BJHF 228 P 28W Regular Electronic Ballast

 Rs. 1318

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Tube light choke

1. What are the benefits of using electronic ones for tube lights?

Electronic ones offer numerous advantages, including energy efficiency, flicker-free lighting, extended tube life, and quick start-up. They are a reliable and cost-effective option for tube light installations. 

2. What is the role of a choke coil in tubelight?

The coil in a tubelight, also known as the ballast, regulates the electrical current flowing through the tube. It prevents excessive current flow, ensuring stable and consistent illumination.   

3. Can I use these for LED lighting fixtures like LED Street Lights?

No, these are not used for LED lighting fixtures like these LED Street Lights. LED lights operate differently, and they do not require these as they are designed to work with direct current (DC) power sources. 
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