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Stretch Film Rolls

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Secure your goods during transit with our extensive range of stretch film rolls. Explore trusted brands like RUST X, FLEXISTRETCH, RS PRO for dependable and cost-effective solutions. Starting with the budget-friendly stretch wrap roll at just INR 128/roll and reaching the high-quality stretch film rolls at INR 13,800, we offer various options for your packaging needs. Whether you require standard stretch film or a heavy-duty solution, our products ensure safe and secure packaging. Choose the perfect stretch film rolls for your specific requirements.

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Everything You Need To Know About Stretch Film Rolls

Stretch film rolls are a versatile and essential packaging solution for a wide range of industries. These film rolls, also known as a stretch wrap roll or stretch wrap film, are highly elastic and clingy plastic films used to secure and protect products during transportation and storage. They offer a cost-effective and efficient way to package goods, ensuring they remain stable, safe, and intact throughout the supply chain.

These film rolls are commonly used in various industries, such as manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, retail, and e-commerce. They are particularly beneficial for palletizing goods, securing boxes, bundling items together, and protecting fragile or delicate products from dust, moisture, and damage.

What are the key features of stretch film rolls?

When it comes to securing and protecting your goods during transportation and storage, these film rolls offer a reliable and efficient solution. These versatile plastic-wrap rolls, also known as wrap shrink or cling-film rolls, come with a range of key features that make them an essential packaging product.

  1. High elasticity: These plastic wrap roll possess exceptional elasticity, allowing them to stretch and conform to the shape of your products, ensuring a tight and secure wrap.

  1. Excellent cling properties: The cling film rolls surface is designed to adhere to itself, creating a strong bond that keeps the wrap in place without the need for additional adhesives or tapes.

  1. Superior puncture resistance: These film rolls are manufactured to withstand punctures, ensuring that your products remain protected from sharp edges or protrusions during handling and transportation.

  1. Optimal load stability: The tight and secure cling wrap roll of these film rolls minimizes load shifting, reducing the risk of product damage and maintaining stability during transit.

  2. Moisture and dust protection: These film rolls act as a protective barrier against moisture, dust, and other external elements, keeping your products clean and in optimal condition.

  1. Transparent visibility: The clear plastic wrap roll allows for easy product identification, inventory management, and barcode scanning without the need to unwrap or remove the film.

  1. Cost-effective solution: These film rolls offer a cost-effective packaging option, reducing the need for additional packing materials and streamlining the packaging process.

  1. Versatile application: Whether you need to wrap individual items, bundle products together, or secure palletized loads, these film rolls can accommodate various shapes, sizes, and weights. 

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What are the different thickness options available for stretch film-rolls?

These are the different thickness options available for them:

1. Standard thickness: These wrapping film roll come in standard thicknesses, typically ranging from 12 to 80 microns. This range offers reliable protection for most regular packaging requirements.
2. Light-duty thickness: If you need to wrap lightweight or less fragile items, light-duty film rolls are available in thicknesses between 12 and 17 microns. These wrapping film rolls provide sufficient strength for smaller loads and individual products.
3. Medium-duty thickness: For moderately heavy or moderately fragile items, medium-duty film rolls offer enhanced strength. They are available in thicknesses ranging from 18 to 23 microns, providing reliable protection and stability.
4. Heavy-duty thickness: When dealing with large, heavy, or highly fragile loads, heavy-duty film rolls are the ideal choice. These rolls have thicknesses ranging from 24 to 80 microns, ensuring maximum strength and durability.
5. Ultra-thin thickness: For specialized applications where minimizing material usage is crucial, offer ultra-thin film rolls. These rolls have thicknesses as low as 8 microns, providing a lightweight yet effective packaging solution.
6. Customizable thickness:
 Every packaging machines & goods is unique. That's why we also offer customizable thickness options for film rolls.  
7. Multi-layered films:
Some of the film rolls feature multiple layers, known as cast or blown films. These multi-layered films offer enhanced strength and tear resistance, making them suitable for challenging packaging scenarios.
8. Pre-stretched films:
In addition to varying thickness options, pre-stretched film rolls. These rolls are manufactured with a higher level of stretchability during production, reducing the need for excessive tension during application while maintaining load stability. 

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Which industries benefit the most from using them?

These stretch film roll prices are affordable and its versatile packaging solution offers numerous advantages in various industries:

  1. Manufacturing industry: These rolls are widely used in the manufacturing sector to secure and protect finished products, raw materials, and components during storage, transportation, and distribution. They provide stability and prevent damage to goods during handling and shipping.

  1. Logistics and warehousing industry: In the logistics and warehousing industry, these film rolls play a crucial role in palletizing goods. They ensure that stacked pallets remain intact, preventing items from shifting or toppling during transit. These film rolls also provide dust and moisture protection in warehouse environments.

  1. Retail industry: The retail industry relies on these film rolls to package products for display, distribution, and sale. They are particularly beneficial for wrapping boxes, bundling items together, and securing merchandise on pallets. These film rolls help maintain the integrity of products and enhance their presentation.

  1. E-commerce industry: With the growing popularity of online shopping, the e-commerce industry heavily relies on these film rolls to secure packages for safe delivery. The stretch film wraps provide an additional layer of protection, preventing damage and ensuring that products arrive in optimal condition.

  1. Food and beverage industry: In the food and beverage industry, these film rolls are commonly used to wrap and protect perishable items. They provide a hygienic seal, keeping food fresh and protecting it from contamination during transportation and storage.

  1. Pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry: These film rolls find application in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors for packaging and protecting medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceutical products. They help maintain the integrity and sterility of these sensitive items. 

What is the recommended storage and handling procedure for stretch film rolls?

Proper storage and handling of these film rolls are essential to ensure their longevity and effectiveness in packaging applications.

1. Storage conditions:
a. Store these film rolls in a clean, dry, and well-ventilated area to prevent moisture buildup and potential damage.
b. Keep the rolls away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to maintain their quality and prevent deformation.
c. Store the rolls in an upright position to prevent sagging or flattening.

2. Handling precautions:
a. Handle these film rolls with clean hands or wear gloves to avoid transferring dirt, oil, or moisture onto the film surface.
b. Use appropriate lifting and carrying techniques to prevent damage or injury. Utilize lifting equipment such as hoists and trolleys when dealing with large or heavy rolls.
c. Avoid dropping or mishandling the rolls to prevent denting or puncturing the film.

3. Unrolling and dispensing:
a. When unrolling the stretch- film, ensure that the core of the plastic roll for packing is securely placed on a dispenser or holder for easy access and unwinding.
b. Maintain a consistent tension while unrolling to achieve an even and tight wrap around the products.
c. Utilize cutting tools or built-in cutters on dispensers to neatly and safely cut the film after application.

4. Repackaging and sealing:
a. After use, securely reseal the film rolls to protect them from dust, moisture, and potential damage.
b. If necessary, place the rolls in plastic bags or use stretch-film dispensers with built-in film clamps to keep the loose end of the film secured and prevent unwinding.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Stretch Film-Rolls:

1. What is the difference between hand stretch film rolls and machine stretch-film rolls?

Hand film packing rolls are designed to be applied manually by hand, offering flexibility and ease of use for smaller packaging operations. Machine film rolls, on the other hand, are specifically designed for automated stretch wrapping machines, providing higher efficiency and consistency in larger-scale packaging applications.

2. Can they be used for irregularly shaped items?

Yes, available at affordable plastic wrap roll prices, these rolls can be used for irregularly shaped items. Their high stretchability allows them to conform to various shapes, providing a secure and protective wrap around the objects.

3. Can stretch film rolls be recycled?

While film rolls are generally made from recyclable materials such as polyethylene (PE), the recycling options for stretch-film may vary depending on local recycling facilities and their specific guidelines. It's recommended to check with your local recycling centers to determine the availability of stretch-film recycling in your area.
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