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Outside Micrometer

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A precise measuring tool that provides the most accurate results, an Outside Micrometer is used to gauge the external diameter or say thickness of small components. Also known as External Micrometre or Side Micrometer, this tool is manufactured in several patterns as per its diverse applications so as to provide the appropriate factual marks.



Broadly dividing outside Micrometer into two categories. 

1. The first sort is Electronic Outside Micrometers, these are preinstalled with a digital LCD display making the measurements convenient to read. It can be set to zero at any position and typically are switchable from inch to the metric system, measuring 0-0.25 millimeters or 0-1 inch at a time.

2. And the next one is Mechanical Outside Micrometers. This type of micrometers is graduated in 0 .001" with a 0.0001" vernier and is certainly available in metric sizes and graduations. Its measuring range differs from 0" to 20" engineered in 1" steps (lengths) and is also commonly known as Screw Gages, mics, or micrometers.




The diameter of the Anvil and spindle are exactly the same and their axis is instructed to be meticulously aligned. In brief and simple terms a spindle can be said to be a movable measuring face. For keeping the spindle in absolutely precise alignment, a locknut is provided. A thin, light and non-corrosive oil is used for lubricating the spindle as well as the screw so that the spindle can function smoothly and freely to the length of travel without any hindrance, and there's no backlash between the nut and spindle screw.



The component that enables the measurement of the cylinder, the U-shaped frame, is positioned on the outer side of the micrometer.



As a basic function, To compensate for the wear between the nut and screw portion of the spindle, adjusting nuts are provided in the micrometer.



This component is fixed at the end of the thimble to restrict pressure to the micrometer. The Ratchet driver is commonly used for ensuring the measurement taken is correct and accurate. This section helps in maintaining the constant pressure required for measuring.



Its technical outer appearance has 50 equivalent separators having a value of 0.01mm each around the circumference of the thimble. The chrome-plated barrel around is divided with dimensions of 0.5mm. Adjusted to the setting of zero. The apparently engraved lines of graduations on the barrel are made for uncomplicated reading and measurements.



Following are some of the factors that need to be considered:

1. Calculating and considering the size of a micrometer is a topic of concern. It is suggested not to be extra heavy, so the requirement of the support is less.

2. The position of the micrometer should be closely related to the position from where it is being measured.  For instance, if a micrometer being used of 25mm from the recess of a large machine is at arm's distance, then this will surely create some uneasiness for the user.

3. Apart from the above-mentioned points, another significant aspect is Surface finish. For a prominent feel, the finish considered must be of coarser disposition as and when compared to the fine finish.



1. Is it safe to buy an Outside Micrometer online?

It is important to take a look at the details keenly in order to understand the product better. Once you are satisfied with the basic information you get, verify the site details, and if everything seems fair go ahead with the purchase. Buying things online is a safe alternative once you have carefully read and thought through the facts.


2. What are the advantages of an Outside Micrometer?

Some of the major advantages of using an outside micrometer are the measurements are accurate, parallax error-free, and wear adjustment as well.


3. What are the Different types of Micrometer Thimbles Available?

Identifying the best-suited thimble type is a necessary element as it helps the operator gauge whether a uniform percentage of the torque is subsisting to assure those divergences are minimal when putting up with the measurements. In simple terms, it is a mechanism that advances the spindle on the micrometer. There are varied varieties of thimbles available on micrometers.


Friction Thimble

This type is created to be nearer to the operator's hand, delivering a steady measuring operation and shock resistance. These don't arrive with an audible feedback-providing factor but are undoubtedly advantageous to use.



Ratchet Stop 

This type isn't only simple to reach but it also provides a relentless measuring pressure on the spindle while gauging for adequate and more detailed results, along with this it also comes with audible assistance.



These are used for digital and quick readings, as it is practically a scale that is developed with a sensor for sharp results.


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NTC 301-100 Outside Micrometers

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Yuzuki 25-50 mm Outside Micrometer




Precise 150-175 mm Outside Micrometer

 Rs. 2,600

 Rs. 2,526


Yamayo 250-275 mm Outside Micrometer

 Rs. 6,700

 Rs. 6,440


Kristeel Shinwa Micrometer Outside 50-75 mm 3949


 Rs. 2,244


Dasqua 4112-5105 Outside Micrometer 0-1 Inch




Yuzuki 25-50 mm Digimatic Outside Micrometer Rs. 4,300

Rs. 4,081


Inder 0-25 mm Outside Micrometer 301C, 2 Pcs

Rs. 662

Rs. 570

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