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Digital Distance Meter

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Digital Distance Meters

Best Digital Distance Meter Online for Accurate Distance Measurements

A digital distance meter is device used in a wide range of testing and measuring applications. A typical digital distance meter measures the distance between any two points in space and shows the resultant reading on its digital display. There are primarily two types of distance meters available for use namely, the laser digital distance meters and the ultrasonic digital distance meters.Digital distance meters are used to measure outdoor distances which are otherwise too difficult to measure using measuring tapes.

How to Use a Laser Distance Measurer?

A typical laser distance meter entails zooming in on the target with the help of the viewfinder function, using a reflective target in out brightly-lit setups and converting from metric to imperial measurements or vice-versa, as per the nature of the requirement.

Ultrasonic Distance Meters v/s Laser Distance Meters

To begin with, an ultrasonic distance meter has, in general, many of the same advantages as a laser distance measuring device. Both types of distance meters can be operated single-handedly, without having to rely on the coordination of another person to take measurements. However, the ultrasonic meter is slightly inaccurate owing to the inability of ultrasonic waves to focus as accurately on the target as does a beam of laser light. Moreover, ultrasonic distance meters tend to work better for targets that have a smooth and flat surface.

Why Are Ultrasonic Distance Meters Used?

Ultrasonic distance meters take distance measurements by making use of either the continuous wave technique or the pulse echo technique. The prospect of measuring distances using ultrasonic waves was exploited because the human ear is insensitive to the frequency range at which these waves operate and, for this reason, the waves do not interfere with human work in the various settings they are used in.

Buy Digital Distance Meter Online from Industrybuying

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