‘Must Haves’ for Every Solo Woman Traveller

Packing Tips: 5 ‘Must Have’ for Every Solo Woman Traveller

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Overview About Women Traveller

If travelling is fun, travelling solo is even better. A lot of avid travellers abandon the mess of having to coordinate with friends; they simply pack their bags and hit roads. What’s more surprising is that breaking the clichéd hype about women travelling unaccompanied, fairer sex has emerged as a new class of solo travellers that can be seen wandering about almost everywhere—even at the remotest of places!

List of 5 Points to Know for Women Travellers Whilst on Adventure

If you happen to be one of the lovely ladies who are fond of travelling solo, here is a list of five essentials that you must pack your suitcase with for you to not only ensure your security but also ensure that you are equipped with everything important whilst on the adventure:-

  1. Stay safe with that pepper spray

Never forget to keep a pepper spray with yourself; keep it in your pocket or at an instantaneously accessible place so that you don’t have to waste your time looking for it in case you are ever faced with an untoward situation.

  1. Layer yourself up

Keep your clothes baggage to a minimum without compromising on the warmth factor, especially if you are off to a chilly place. The key is to wear clothes that can worn two ways and layered up over one another so that you are able to dress differently every day without appearing shabby to others.

  1. Carry & use a plastic bag responsibly

When you buy yourself a bottle of exquisite wine on the trip and have no option but to stuff the half-finished thing among your clothes, wrapping it in a plastic bag or two can ensure the wine doesn’t leak out and stain your clothes. You can also use a plastic bag to keep your leaky toiletries from drenching all your belongings!

  1. Always have extra clothing in your backpack

When you are heading out to explore the destination you have arrived out, you are very likely to leave your bulky suitcase behind at your hotel room and carry a smaller haversack instead.  Remember to keep a pair of extra clothing in your haversack, in case you end up getting drenched in an unexpected bout of rain or are faced with anything out of the ordinary that leaves you yearning for cleaner clothes!

  1. Go easy with the shoes

You do not need as many pairs of shoes as the number of outfits your pack your bags with, period. Keep a pair of extra shoes and a pair of river slip-ons or waterproof shoes if you are out on a more adventurous trip and are likely to cross a puddle of water on your way!

Final Words

Besides adhering to the packing tips enlisted above, you must try to travel only during the day to be on the safer side. Furthermore, avoid looking lost and always wear a confident smile even if you don’t know your way about someplace and are slightly off the map.


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