5 Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

5 Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

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Bathrooms Styling Overview in Detail

Styling bathrooms have become a fad these days. But it is not a luxury that is restricted to the well-off anymore. More and more people are doing the rounds of the hardware stores and buying bathroom accessories online these days. As a deluge of affordable bathroom accessories has taken over the marketplace, it has become very easy to bring about some beautiful renovations.

List of 5 Tips to Follow and Give Your Bathroom a New Look

Whether you are aiming at doing complete bathroom makeovers or making minor changes to a few aspects, the five tips given below will be very useful in deciding how you want to spend your money.

1. Deciding on a budget:

The most important thing before you actually shell out any money is to know how much money you are willing to sell out! In other words, it is important to estimate and set aside an amount exclusively for your renovation purpose.

One crucial factor to consider is having a mental picture of your renovated bathroom. If you know what you want your bathroom to look like, you will surely be able to work in that direction and look for a particular kind of accessories. Having an image will give your accessory hunt a direction. Figuring out which accessories would be of use and which would be superfluous is important.

2. Examining available space:

The expanse of the area that you have also mattered. When purchasing bathroom accessories, know where every single one of them would finally get fixed. Buying an extra tap, washbasin or light will only give your restricted space a crammed up look. Likewise, if you have sufficient space, get enough accessories and plumbing hardware for your dream renovation project.

3. Choosing your faucets:

Choose your taps depending on the purpose they would serve. Choose a mixer tap for your washbasin and bathtub. Choose a regular tap for all washing purposes. There are taps of umpteen designs available in the market. Choose what will complement your envisaged bathroom.

4. Choosing your bathtub and showers:

A bathtub is, perhaps, the most blissful luxury of any bathroom. Lie down in the bathtub to check it for its back support, neck support, and arm support; check whether there is ample room for stretching up and relaxing. When it comes to comfort and leisure, showers aren’t far behind.

Showerheads these days are equipped with acupressure capabilities as well. Depending on your budget and the amount of time you generally spend under the shower, you could decide whether or not investing on the aforesaid shower would be a boon or a bane.

5. Choosing other accessories

Having bought the indispensable accessories, if your budget allows, you could next invest in towel racks, towel rails, soap dishes, towel rings, tumbler holders, robe hooks, paper holders, toilet paper holders, glass shelves, soap dispensers, brush holders, etc.

Final Words

The five tips above will ensure you get the best bathroom renovation in your decided budget. Some of the best brands selling high-quality bathroom accessories in the market are Morphy Richards, Prince Greenfit, Techno Drain, Ao Smith, Cera, Jaquar to name a few.