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An Air Blower, sometimes also known as a centrifugal fan can be defined as a device that is an assemblage of fans used to move gas and air. Air Blowers use kinetic energy of their rotating blades to increase the rate of pressure of air or gas stream. They have the inherent quality of accelerating air radically, as well as changing the direction of the airflow and offer a number of utilities to users. 

Types of Blowers

Blowers can be distinguished into two common types- Positive Displacement and Rotary blowers. Positive Displacement blowers are used by applications that require a constant air flow rate at varying discharge pressures. They find compatibility with applications such as cement plants, pneumatic conveying, water treatment plants, etc. Whereas, rotary blowers employ relatively high air displacement but low compression ratios. They are used in applications such as furnaces, dust extraction systems, air conditioners, etc.

Uses of Air Blowers

Air Blowers generate a targeted, balanced and carefully regulated air flow that is required in all kinds of applications. The focused air flow is especially used in the areas of food technology and surface engineering. They can even be used as replacements in applications that require vacuum usage such as in pneumatic conveying. Blowers also provide applications for printing machines, copiers, ink drying, tone control, book binding machines, etc. Moreover, cooling with air blowers does not generate vapors or aids wastage of water since air blowers regulating the air flow thus, allowing for adjustment of the exact duration of the cooling process. Additionally, air blowers are the staple of many vacuum lifting tools. Besides, air blowers bring low maintenance costs to the table along with a wide flow operation range while maintaining constant pressure.

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