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The process of welding is used to conjoin, usually, either two metals or two thermoplastic materials. These materials are joined by means of fusion; a weld pool of the molten base metal and an additional filler metal is allowed to cool, forming an extremely strong and resilient joint. Welding is done in various industries and settings -from construction sites to automobile industry, railway track constructions, aviation industry and shipbuilding. There are different procedures to perform welding such as the shielded metal arc welding, the gas tungsten arc welding and the gas metal arc welding. Each type of welding has its own advantage. Shielded metal arc welding provides can be easily used on rusty metals; it can be performed during rain as well, without having to shield the gas; gas tungsten arc welding performs joints of high quality even on very thin metals and alloys and gas metal arc welding is used in cases where lower heat inputs and welding fumes are a necessity.

Buy a Wide Range of Welding Equipments at Best Prices brings to you a large variety of welding equipments such as welding electrodes, gas cutting machine attachments, earthing clamps,CO2 pre-heaters, cutting blowpipes, TIG rods,  welding wires, gas pressure regulators, anti-spatters, gas valves, flame arrestors and gas adapters.  Electrodes are coated wires made of the same metal as that being welded. It is important to coat the electrodes. This is because molten metals turn brittle when they come in contact with the oxygen and the nitrogen present in the air. Electrodes determine the strength of the joint and the amount of spatter produced from welding. Shielded metal arc electrodes get consumed during welding and become a part of the joint while TIG electrodes do not melt and become a part of the weld. Brands such as Modi, Maruti, Esab and Garg Inox are leaders in manufacturing welding electrodes. Electrodes must be kept dry because moisture causes spattering, leading to a porous and weak welded joint. Electrodes that are exposed to damp air must be heated to gain their adeptness back.

Flame arrestors are devices which prevent fires and explosions from taking place. You could make use of the Ador Welding,  Vanaz Flame Arrestor. Esab, Usha, Martin, Modi and Raajratna are brands to reckon with when it comes to welding wires.

Thus is the one-stop shop for all your welding accessory needs.

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