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We offer a diverse range of arc welding machines, designed to meet the needs of various welding projects. You'll find top brands like IBell, Esab, and Great Yuva, each offering a selection of machines to suit your requirements. Single-phase arc welding machines prices typically range from budget-friendly options starting at around INR 5,000 to more advanced models costing up to INR 50,000 or more. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional welder, we have all types of arc welding machine to match your budget and welding needs

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Arc Welding Machine - A Tool For Joining Metals

Arc Welding Machine is a tool for joining metals. An electrode on the device creates an electrical arc that melts metal or injects filler into a junction between two pieces of metal. This needs a lot of energy to generate temperatures up to 3,600 degrees required to fuse metals.

 Protective shielding gas or slag is employed to minimize the contact of the molten metal with the air because the metals react chemically to oxygen and nitrogen in the air when heated to high temperatures by the arc. The molten metals solidify to create a metallurgical link once they have cooled. To perform this execution with a soldering machine or welding machine, you should have to check the quality, durability and technology. If you want to buy more of this product, like electric arc welding machines, then industrybuying is the right place for you. 

What Are The Top Features Of Arc Welding Machine?

1. Low Power Initially Find the lowest-powered inverter power source that meets your requirements first. Users prefer energy-saving machines. You can get the  arc welding machine price at affordable rates under top brands. 
2. Opt for Multi-Process Machinery: Some single-phase arc welding machines are only appropriate for certain kinds of welding. Select the model that best satisfies all of your requirements.
3. A Power Factor of 99 per cent or above is ideal: Transformer-rectifier power sources run at roughly 75% efficiency. In contrast, modern inverter power sources have power factors (the proportion of power consumed by the machines to the power you pay for) approaching 100%.
4. Search for an energy conversion efficiency of around 80%.: Volt-ampere output over Volt-ampere input is the product of energy conversion efficiency. For exact figures, consult the equipment data sheet provided by the manufacturer
5. Look for less than 0.1 kW of idling power consumption: All Arc Welding Machine uses energy while it isn't in use. However, units using transformer-rectifier power sources use far more energy than inverter power sources. You can also look for options like an air plasma cutting machine.

Explore other related products like welding tools & accessories under budget-friendly prices on our website.

How Can You Save Energy Consumption?

For even greater energy savings, adhere to these best practices while using electric arc welding machines

1. Employ qualified Welders: Welders with training typically work more quickly and are more aware of the need to conserve energy.
2. Effective Operations: Different welding procedures are frequently used by certified arc welders, some of which are more energy-efficient than others. Pick gas metal Arc Welding over shielded metal Arc Welding, for instance. The operating factor of the former is higher and results in less idle time (the ratio of the time spent welding over the entire time in use).
3. Utilize Electricity Sources for Various Processes: Arc Welding Machines equipped with contemporary inverter power sources can be utilized for various welding operations and quickly switch between them to reduce idle time.
4. Keep active: When you're prepared to weld, only switch on the welding machine. Submerged arc welding machines that is idle uses energy and costs money. You may reduce idle time by finishing up setup activities before turning on the welding equipment. Before doing any further jobs, switch the machine off once the welding is finished. 

You are at the right place if you want to buy in bulk without worrying about arc welding machine prices. Besides, you also get to enjoy express delivery and GST invoice concessions when you order any welding machines from our website.

Safety Measures While Using Arc Welding Machine

Consider the following precautionary measures while using an electric welding machine or stud welding machine:

1. If this is your first time using the equipment, pay particular attention to the warning labels and instruction manuals.
2. Eye protection is required while operating submerged arc welding machines.
3. Perform a thorough inspection of the welder before beginning any welding.
4. All fire risks should be eliminated from the welding area.
5. Keep a fire extinguisher on hand at all times.
6. Install power disconnect switches for immediate shutoff.
7. Before performing repairs, turn off the machine's power supply.
8. It's crucial to ground welding equipment correctly.
9. It is not advised to use electrode holders if they have, cables with loose connections, inadequate jaws or faulty insulation
10. When the job is accomplished, remove the rods.
11. If someone nearby is not wearing the correct eye protection, avoid striking an arc
12. If you use any welding electrode or machine, you have to follow the above-mentioned precautionary measures. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Arc Welding Machine

1. What is arc welding machine used for?

An arc welder is a powerful machine used for fusing or diffusing welds. It fires an electrical arc and heats the molten metal through induction. The heat produced by the arc melts the base material and supplies filler material, which forms the fusion zone of the weld.

2. Is the electric arc welding machine AC or DC?

The electric arc welding machine is used for various applications such as down-hand heavy plate welds and DC TIG welding with high frequency, while AC welding is better for aluminium DC.

3. What are the 2 types of arc welding?

On the other hand, consumable (fusible) electrode type and non-consumable (non-fusible) electrode type depend on whether the welding rod/wire melts in the process. 

4. How many amps does a welding machine use?

A welder running on 115V primary requires a minimum breaker size of 20A with 30A recommended (this would be for welding at up to 140 amps). The 220V primary requires a minimum breaker size of 30A, with 40A recommended. Get incredible deals on arc welding machine prices and complete your projects in no time. 
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