5 Great Tips: Get The Perfect Power Bank For Your Smartphone

5 Great Tips: Get The Perfect Power Bank For Your Smartphone

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Smartphone Batter Overview in Detail

With glorious technological advancement over the past few years, our smartphones and tablets have also become equally advanced and nuanced with each passing day, albeit the battery technology has remained dismally stagnant for years. Smartphones and tablets these days are capable of effectively functioning like handy pocket computers. But they carry their fair share of baggage too.

Ask anyone about the most common problem faced by them on their smartphone and pat comes the reply in unison- “the battery back-up is weak”. Due to extensive usage by battery hogging applications, high bit-rate music, and HD videos the device’s battery is drained very quickly, leaving no juice in case of emergency situations.

To solve this nagging problem, several leading device and platform makers have taken turns to come up with their own ways to strengthen and prolong battery life, be it at the OS level or at the hardware level. Still, there are little to no signs that can confirm if average battery life has indeed improved. If you can’t wait for the next big technological breakthrough in the case of batteries, there’s a quick fix to your woes.

You must have noticed most people prefer carrying an external battery pack (a.k.a. power bank) with them whenever they hop out for holidays or long trips. God bless them, they are doing the right thing and you too can improve your smartphone’s dicey situation by buying a portable power bank or battery pack.

List of Points to Take Care of While Buying Best Power Bank/Battery for Your Smartphone

This article will help you walk through some essential considerations before buying a power bank.

#1. Capacity

Power banks with more capacity tend to be more useful. A power bank’s capacity is measured in ‘mAh’ which is similar to smartphones. More the ‘mAh’ means more capacity and more charging power at your disposal. If you have a charger with a larger output voltage than your current device, you should be able to get several charges for your device.

#2. Portability

Always prefer buying a lightweight and easy-to-carry power bank to charge your smartphone or other gadgets. Remember, an increase in capacity is directly proportional to the weight of the power bank. Power banks with average to high range price will be a great option with no sacrifice in quality.

#3. Price

Before buying a power bank online for your battery, it would be beneficial if you could do some research on the different devices available on various websites at lucrative prices as per your budgets.  Always prefer buying in some online shopping website which can help you zero-in on the right power banks in low rates with amazing features perfectly matching your needs.

#4. USB Features/Compatibility

Most power banks come with an in-built USB charger, while some simply don’t throw in a USB charger because you’re expected to use the one that came with your mobile device. Since not all USB chargers are the same, many people make the mistake of using a very old USB charger to charge up their power banks. Also, charging your recently purchased brand new power bank through a computer’s USB port is not advised, unless you’re geeky enough to know if it’s providing sufficient power.

#5. Quality

Last but not the least, checking the quality of a power bank is the most important factor you need to factor in. Always check for any fault lines before making a purchase, read up online and check out some reviews or enter dedicated power bank forums to enhance your grasp on power bank features, etc. For example, the design of the circuit board, the quality of chips used, and how the safety mechanisms are implemented also play a vital role when it comes to deciding the quality of a power bank.

Final Words

If you’re a tech novice, don’t fret you need not loath yourself for not being geeky enough. There are many reputed power bank brands that can ensure all the compatible features for your smartphone. Whenever in doubt, just buy a power bank from famous brands or reputable vendors with a proven track record.