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How to Choose the Right Headphones for Your Smartphone

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Headphone and Smartphone Overview in Detail

Music in the 21st Century has seen widespread changes with technological evolution and become an integral part of our lives. So much so, living without music can seldom seem a possibility. Almost everyone has direct access to their preferred cache of songs to soothe their music pangs.

Luckily, we live in the eon of devices such as MP3 players, I-Pods and smartphones– so we’re intrinsically empowered to tote along all our motley arsenal of songs on the go, easily. That being said, the only other astray piece of a perfect musical puzzle left to piece together is– a good pair of convenient headphones and our music experience is lit.

Headphones are necessary assortments that have mingled seamlessly with our lives and become daily companions while we go through the everyday grind of our grueling fast-paced lives. Headphones accomplish a deluge of functions. For instance, you adorn them whilst listening to your treasured workout mix just to add a dash of fun to your exercise regimen.

Putting on headphones makes even mundane chores like mowing the lawn and swimming worthwhile as you keep your ears peeled listening to your favorite tunes.

Alas, the incumbent audio market is saturated with various types of fancy headphones– many of which are designed for ad hoc purposes. Sometimes, going over those endless listings on exhaustive portals can perplex you to no end and make your search seem weary and colossus, to say the least.

But, audiophiles can rejoice! Your quest for grabbing your hands on a nifty pair of headphones for your smartphone is about to come to a closure. We will walk you through some pointers that you must ponder over before you buy headphones online or via brick and mortar stores and you will be just about fine!

List of Points to Take Care of While Buying the Best HeadPhone for Your Smartphone & Save Money

Have a gleeful look down below at some guidelines that will equip you better to pick the perfect pair of headphones, which gel well with your lifestyle. Without bidding further adieu, let the games commence!

 #1. Wireless or Wired?

If you lead a hectic lifestyle, consider opting for a wireless set of headphones. Wireless headphones function via Bluetooth that is a built-in feature on many smartphones. The only downside– however, with wireless headphones, is that they feed on your device’s batteries. If you are a fan of traditional corded headphones, you may opt for headphones with a strong cord.

#2. Range

Your prospective headphones should not exceed the frequency range of human hearing that lingers between 20Hz to 20kHz. If you’re a rock, metal or jazz enthusiast, go for a pair of headphones rated ace in the midrange and high end of the spectrum. If you’re a fan of dubstep, pop, or hip-hop, select headphones that are strong in the bass end.

And, never ever ruin your hearing abilities by over-cranking your tunes. Some people have a shoddy habit of drowning out outside noise by increasing the volume of their headphones which paves way to hearing impairment. To safely block out noise in a very noisy environment, try an in-ear model that offers a good seal against ambient noise.

#3. Battery Woes

Taking into account the amount of electricity it takes to power your wireless headphones is pivotal for your smartphone to see the light of the day. Consider this- The amount of energy sapped by a headphone is equivalent to a shorter battery life of your smartphone. Thus, settle for a pair of headphones that don’t hog your phone’s battery and offer a low impedance, or use 24 ohms or less worth of electricity.

#4. Compatibility

People who rely heavily on their iPhone or Android phones for fetching music may consider purchasing headphones that have a built-in microphone and device-compatible controls such as buttons, knobs or touch functionalities to increase volume, bass, treble, et al. This can make the transition from listening to music to hands-free telephoning very sleek.

#5. Portability

Headphones are the backbone of the music industry business. Traditional studio buffs prefer to work with heavier closed-back circamaurals that should be kept stationary. However, these days, laptop computers and audio interfaces are well decked to do on-location recording, thus fold-up & closed-back headphones are used with these devices.

It’s wise to invest in a pair of portable and flexible headphones that can tolerate the sweat of a good workout. Make sure they also fit securely on your head, so they don’t slip while you take a jog down those bumpy roads.

 #6. Awareness for Surroundings

There are times when you must remain cognizant of your surroundings, while you are wearing your headphones for bicycling, jogging on a road, et al. to stay aware of the surrounding traffic. You may opt for molded in-ear headphones that permit ambient noise to pass through, keeping you in the loop. However, in such situations, people mostly prefer single-ear headphones as a safer option because they transmit sound to only one ear.

 #7. Form factor

Headphones come in a vast number of ad hoc styles that sound disparately from each other when you wear them. When deciding upon a pair of good headphones, the first thing you should narrow down is what form factor you want such as specifications, etc. This decision should be based on the environs where you will be using them, as well as the type of music you prefer listening to.

Final Words About the Use Best Headphone for Your Work

You get what you pay for when it comes down to choosing the right type of headphones. Once bought, test your headphones thoroughly as there is no alternative to listening critically and carefully for any impedances such as creaks. Lastly, consider making a plan that covers all that you want from your new headphones— this helps in weighing-in on the perfect model.


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