Give the Best Protection to Your Devices Using Miniature Circuit Breakers

Give the Best Protection to Your Devices Using Miniature Circuit Breakers

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Overview of Miniature Circuit Breakers

When there is a faulty connection or if there is any abnormality detected in a system then it can be eliminated by using Miniature Circuit Breakers or MCBs. They act as a cushion to save the devices from harm. They automatically break the connection of the circuit if any fault in found inside it.

Low voltage electric network MCBs are being prevalent instead of a fuse. Although Fuse and MCB have a similar function but MCBs are more precise than fuse in detection of hindrances and hence are replacing them these days. ABB circuit breakers are best and have a natural finish.

Reasons why MCBs have replaced fuses

  • They also have better safety options and are easy to maintain.
  • Threats like over current can also be overcome using MCBs. These circuit breakers offer a fine protection to the motor.
  • When an overload is detected these electromechanical devices are effectively helpful to protect the circuits from overcurrent.
  • Easy to maintain and repair, these circuit breakers are extremely convenient and have a robust quality. They can easily detect faults, and conditions which lead to short circuits.
  • Being reliable they are committed to provide best of services. Fuse are unable to detect current sensitively as MCBs so to tackle the faulty zone fuse are not frequently preferred.
  • MCBs trip down when they come under a heavy current zone so it becomes easy to detect the affected zone. Fuse have become outdated because they do not have this feature.
  • Fuse cannot be reused as they are destroyed once current overflows while circuit breakers only trip so can be used again.
  • After every single use all wirings of the fuse has to be changed while in MCBs the case is not the same.

List of Different Types of Miniature Circuit Breakers

#1)Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)

Air Circuit Breakers are responsible for providing overcurrent and short circuit protection for the circuits which can range from 800 amps to 10000 amps. Frequently used in low voltage applications

#2)Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

Molded Case Circuit Breakers are used to protect the system from short circuit or thermal overloads. They also can protect you from ground loads. They come with a temperature sensitive device which provide protection and also contain a sensitive electromagnet.

#3)Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB)

Residual Current Circuit Breakers breaks/trips the circuit whenever there is an earth fault current detected. They are ultimate for shock protection.

So, definitely install MCBs at home, office or workplace to stay prevent from shock and injuries.


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