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What are Abrasives?

Abrasives are objects or materials that can be used to smoothen out or shape a workpiece through friction. They work by removing the rough/harsh surface of the workpiece, resulting in a smooth and better-shaped object.

A few examples of Abrasives are Sandpaper Sheets, Abrasive Cloth Rolls, Grinding wheels, Abrasive Flap Disc, Abrasive Cloth Sheets, Buffing Disc, Absorption Pads, Sharpening Stones, Polishing Points, Paper and Fiber Disc, Backup Pads.

Abrasive Flap Disc

An Abrasive Flap Disc is a subcategory of Abrasives, used to shape and conform a metal workpiece. They have densely layered abrasive cloth flaps that can shape certain metals by removing the unwanted roughness of the top surface, which results in a smooth and finished workpiece These are usually used in Agriculture and Food Processing Industries, Industrial Maintenance, Welding and Machining, etc.

Primarily there are three types of Flap Discs; Zirconia Alumina, Ceramic Alumina, and Aluminum Oxide.

Why should you use an Abrasive Flap Disc?

Some of the benefits of using an Abrasive Flap Disc include:

  • They can provide different levels of pressure according to your desired shape along with a smooth finish.
  • Cooler operation, which means that they are less likely to leave heat marks on your workpiece.
  • Better work experience as they vibrate less compared to other such abrasives.
  • Contributes in comfortable and safer working conditions as there aren’t any pieces or parts attached to it that can come off or fly off.

Safety guidelines to use an Abrasive Flap Disc

It is very important to use an Abrasive Flap Disc on the correct surface and hold it at the correct angle. Using them in the incorrect position or surface can lead to disc damage, snagging, or epoxy wear. It can also lead to separation of the flaps or breakage of the disc.

It is essential to regularly check your flap discs to see if there are any signs of damage or if they need to be replaced before using them. If your disc has been mishandled or dropped then it is required you to check it properly. Never use a disc that has been damaged or dropped.


1. Read the instruction manual and safety data sheets very carefully before operating a flap disc. Make sure that you are trained for performing the specific job.

2. Store them in separate containers to keep them away from water and other fluids that can hamper them. Don’t store them near open windows, direct sunlight and concrete floors, etc.

3. Make sure to store the abrasive flap disc at 40-50% humidity and 60-80% F.

4. Do match the flap disc size with the sander/grinder for safety purposes and always purchase them according to this rule.

5. Don’t wear loose clothing or any accessory that can get stuck in the abrasive. Make sure that you are wearing appropriate and protective work gear for performing these jobs. Examples: Arm Guards, Apron, Eye and Face Protection, Safety Shoes, etc.

6. Make sure that you perform a test run for 1 minute of flap discs near an enclosed area.

7. Make sure to turn the power off before changing your flap discs. Always keep rotating your stock and keep using other discs as well.


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General frequently asked questions section


Q1. What is an Abrasive Flap Disc used for?

Abrasive Flap Disc is used for smoothening the surface of any metal for a better finish. They also help in shaping different types of metal/metallic objects.


Q2. Is it safe to purchase an Abrasive Flap Disc online?

Yes, it is safe to purchase an Abrasive Flap Disc online. Make sure that you are buying a good quality flap disc from a trustworthy website and read the instructions and safety data sheet very carefully.


Q3. What are the advantages of an Abrasive Flap Disc?

They have plenty of advantages. A few of them are

  • The ability to provide different levels of pressure according to the desired look.
  • Cooler operation Which causes fewer heat marks on your workpiece.
  • Vibrates less compared to other such abrasives.
  • Safer working conditions as there aren’t any pieces or parts attached to it.


Q4. Where can we shop the best and the most affordable Abrasive Flap Disc online in India?

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