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What is IB Credit?

IB credit is a financial benefit for business customers who wish to buy orders in bulk or single unit. We want this credit to be used as a widened support to encourage customers to shop without hesitation as they are allotted with easy 30-day repayment option.

Top Features of IB Credit

Credit Up to Rs 2 Lakh

Avail credit based on your credit history.

No Hidden Cost

We won't shock you with any extra charges.

No Paperwork

Get credit via an easy online process.

Repay in 30 Days

We give you ample time to repay.

How Does It Work?

Get your KYC done via OTP by submitting your GST Number.


Industrybuying will check with the Credit Bureau to validate your credit potential.


Get an easy disbursal with a 30-day repayment ease.


How Does IB Credit Benefit B2B Customers?

Industrybuying Credit offers Business-to-business customers a financing solution to benefit the industrial goods sector. Here's how Industrybuying Credit (IB) can help B2B customers:



Flexible Financing

Industrybuying Credit offers B2B customers the ability to purchase industrial goods on credit. This means customers can make purchases without immediately paying the full amount, which can be especially helpful for businesses to manage their cash flow.


Vendor Relationships

Establishing a credit relationship with a B2B supplier like Industrybuying can help build a stronger vendor-customer relationship. This could potentially lead to better terms, discounts, or customised offerings for the customer.


Working Capital Management

Managing working capital is crucial for businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Industrybuying Credit can act as a form of short-term financing, allowing businesses to make necessary purchases for operations while retaining their working capital for other expenses.


Budget Planning

Industrybuying Credit allows businesses to plan their budgets more effectively. They can allocate funds for purchases over time while taking advantage of current deals and discounts.


Bulk Purchases

B2B customers often need bulk purchases to meet their industrial requirements. IB credit enables businesses to make larger orders without fac


Emergency Purchases

In industries where urgent or unexpected purchases are common, having access to Industrybuying Credit can be a lifesaver. Businesses won't have to delay crucial purchases due to temporary cash shortages.


Streamlined Procurement Process:

With Industrybuying Credit, the procurement process can be streamlined. Businesses don't need to go through lengthy financing applications or credit checks each time they need to make a purchase. This can lead to quicker decision-making and order placement


Financial Reporting and Tracking

Industrybuying Credit might come with a platform that allows customers to track their credit usage, pending payments, and transaction history. This level of financial reporting can be invaluable for businesses' accounting and record-keeping.



Industrybuying Credit can offer convenience by eliminating the need for repetitive payment processes. Instead of initiating a payment for each order, businesses can manage their expenses through a single credit account.


Scaling Opportunities

As businesses grow, they often need to scale their operations. Industrybuying Credit can provide the financial flexibility required to support this growth by enabling larger orders and expanding operations.

*It's essential for B2B customers to carefully consider the terms and conditions of Industrybuying Credit, including interest rates and repayment schedules, to ensure that the benefits align with their business needs and financial capabilities.*


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