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A fully functional office must be equipped with premium quality supplies. From laptops, chairs, staplers, and ink cartridges to binders, lamination machines, and other accessories, Industrybuying is the one-stop shop for all your needs.

For the smooth running and efficient functioning of the office, it is important to have the highest-grade supplies. Here at Industrybuying, we offer quality checked authentic products that are highly durable and work efficiently.

Our focus is on providing our customers with products that are long-lasting, eco-friendly, and easy to use. The products here are of the finest make and generate industry-best output. Industrybuying is proud to have partnered with globally recognised brands that are the best in the business and offer premium quality products for all your office needs.


Different Types of Office Supplies Available at Industrybuying

Here’s a list of some of the most commonly used Office Supplies available on

1. Chairs:  Furniture is a key component of every office. Offices must have a comfortable set of chairs that give you a proper posture and keep you comfortable and running for long working hours. A comfortable chair enhances concentration and gives you stability. Industrybuying offers a large selection of office chairs that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These are ergonomically designed and offer flexibility, comfort, and good back support when sitting for lengthy periods.

2. Ink CartridgesOffice work requires you to take regular printouts and often you are in a hurry. A good quality ink cartridge ensures that your documents are smudge-free with no deviation in colour and texture. Documents play an important role and cleanly printed documents help you in the progression of your business. The cartridges that we supply are eco-friendly, recyclable, and can help you print high-quality documents efficiently.

3. Computer Accessories: Computer accessories are thriving with the expansive age of technology. With the employees working at their highest capabilities, the best quality computer accessories improve performance output and bridge the communication gap by ensuring smooth coordination between various teams in an organisation. We have an extensive range of the highest selling brands such as Logitech, D-Link, Zebronics, and many others.

4. Pen, Pencil, and Markers: The most basic of the supplies like a pen, pencil, and markers must be available to the employees for ease of use and productivity. The handiest of the supplies need to be easily accessible in the working space so as to ensure effortless operations.

5. Diaries and Calendars: You need to remain updated and note down the crucial information provided to you. You need to mark the upcoming events and the most important ones at that. The diaries and calendars do the job for you.


Our Top-most Selling Brands

Here are our top-selling brands in the category:

1. HPHewlett-Packard or commonly known as HP, is the world’s leading manufacturer of computers and printers. It is an America-based IT technology company that was founded in 1939.

2. DivanoDIO Divano India Private Limited is a reputable Manufacturer, Retailer, and Wholesaler of a wide range of furniture. Based in Faridabad, India, it is known for its finest quality office chairs.

3. CanonCanon is a household name when it comes to cameras and accessories. Founded in 1997, a Japanese Pvt ltd, Canon is a world leader in image technology. A pioneering multinational corporation, they are the largest producer of lenses, cameras, medical devices, scanners, printers, and other optical, imaging, and industrial items.

4. Konica MinoltaA Japanese Multinational Tech Company, Konica Minolta is a worldwide manufacturer of printers. Established in 2003, it manufactures copiers, laser printers, multi-functional peripherals (MFPs), and digital print systems.

5. eScanIt began its operations in 1993 and is a global provider of Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Content Security, Anti-Spam,  Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, and Network Intrusion Prevention Solutions, Vulnerability Assessment, and Penetration Test (VAPT).


How to Efficiently Use your Office Supplies?

Storing the office supplies and making sure that they are in a good working condition is one of the key factors in a workplace. Here are a few pointers to consider to maintain the efficiency of supplies:

1. Always maintain a record of orders, including the date of the order, the materials ordered, and the quantities ordered. Consider omitting these items on the next order if some supplies take a long time to run out.

2. Purchasing in bulk saves money per item compared to smaller orders. You need to identify any commonly used supplies that support a large order. You might be able to get a better deal if you ask for partial delivery, with the rest of the materials arriving in a month or two (ask them to waive shipping cost). This method may be more suitable for ordering perishable goods like the office canteen supplies. Preparing for the next delivery ahead of time also eliminates the need for a last-minute supply run.

3. Buy in bulk if you had extra storage space. When you open the supply closet door, though, you're not sure where you'd put boxes of paper. But here's the deal: Filing cabinets loaded with the material you'll "deal with later" or old PCs or printers languishing in a corner suck up a lot of storage space. If you tidy out your office, you might find that you have more space to accommodate a large order. It is always better to get rid of junk and unused things occupying unnecessary space.

4. Reduce the amount of paper used in the office. It's a more environmentally friendly and efficient way of doing business. (Setting reminder alerts in your email is like sticking a sticky note on your desk and having it get buried under a mug of coffee.) Cutting your paper consumption in half might save you a lot of money on office supplies.

5. Dismissing materials that are still usable is a simple method to rack up extra costs. Use the entire product to get the most out of it! We're not recommending that you require a waste report for every bent staple. Reuse the supplies that still working fine such as the ink cartridges  You might be able to avoid a drive to the office supplies warehouse if you do a fast cleaning and refill.

6. Working at the office we can form a habit of leaving the computer on for weeks at a time. This not only wastes electricity but also exposes component parts to wear and tear. Make sure to turn off computers and safely eject the chords from the charging sockets.


Importance of Office Supplies

Office supplies are essential in everyone's life. You'll certainly need a pen to jot down any ideas that come to mind that you wish to remember. You'll always require a sheet of paper you require to write on it. You will definitely need a chair to sit on.

Every company should understand the value of high-quality, dependable supplies in the workplace. As technology advances, businesses must scramble to keep up and stay ahead of the pack. Fortunately, current technology in the form of high-quality office equipment may assist any industry in staying on top of daily tasks.

Employees can get injured in the office due to risks of electrical cords, open desk or filing cabinet drawers, and slippery surfaces. Superior quality office equipment and a trustworthy system can make a huge difference in the quantity of work and the quality of the outcomes produced in your workplace. Your office will run more smoothly and be more productive throughout the day if you have the right tools.


Why buy Office Supplies from Industrybuying?

We fully understand your demands and desires when it comes to product quality. Industrybuying never compromises the efficiency and the operations of commodities. We have supplies at competitive rates from the globally leading brands such as Eco, Tycoon, Khanna, Luxor, Canon, HP, Divano, Konica Minolta, Ikon, Epson, Stellar, Omega, Trendy, JB Tech, Ajanta, Apsara, Centaury, and others.

Shop from the largest industrial supply platform in India at wholesale rates and get additional offers on bulk purchases.


Best Selling Products


S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Modern India Seating MISG5 Gaming Chair Xylo Series

Rs. 6,000

Rs. 4,900


Mezonite High Back Brown Leatherette Office Executive Chair KI748

Rs. 8,000

Rs. 6,715


IB Basics Black Full Back Mesh Office Chair SS026 Pack of 2 Piece

Rs. 9,900

Rs. 4,700

4 MBTC Blue Plastic Seat Training Chair with Writing Pad 

Rs. 1,200

Rs. 800


IB BASICS 12 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder OTL-412ACD

Rs. 5,200

Rs. 3,500


Namibind Prime X (W) Currency Counting Machine

Rs. 9,800

Rs. 7,500

Enticing Offers & Great Deals on Office Supplies

If you are looking for premium Office Supplies online at affordable prices, then Industrybuying is your one-stop solution. We offer an array of Office Supplies in a bevy of designs and specifications that meet every office need. If you want to buy Office Supplies online in India at reasonable prices, get the best deals at Industrybuying. We have an efficient logistics chain and the best Office Supplies distributors with us. We have Office Supplies dealers in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. When you purchase Office Supplies online from Industrybuying, make sure you use the coupon codes to fetch an attractive deal on your purchase. We procure Office Supplies from renowned dealers to make sure that the items are genuine and that you don’t face any hassles after you have made your purchase. You will get the best Office Supplies prices online at Industrybuying.

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