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Waterproofing is the process in which the structure, wall or object is made waterproof or water resistant. When something is waterproofed, it means that the object will not hold water on its surface or maybe inside it. Such items can be used in wet environments where water presence is more.


Waterproofing can be done to many objects like walls, roofs, car screens etc., generally so that they don't hold water and water can be slipped away. Waterproofing can be done in many ways, for example, by coating them on objects like car screens, or they can be mixed in the form of solution inside the objects so that they don't hold water like walls, roofs of houses and buildings.

How to do Waterproofing?

Step 1: Clean the area where you want to do waterproofing: It is important that the surface where we want to do waterproofing should be clean. Make sure the area is purely clean. Wipe the area with water and cloth and let it dry.


Step 2: Applying 1st Coat: Apply the first coating of the camp guard in the invisible area and small crack holes. Try to cover these places with damp guard-proof coating as much as possible. Let the first coating now get dry.


Step 3: Applying 2nd and 3rd Coat: Apply the second coating and third coating. Now, this coating is done to strengthen the surface so that the place is sealed and there is no chance of water getting out.


Step 4: The Final Coating: Now Apply the final coating. This coating should be done when the 3rd coating gets dry. This final coating ensures that there is no chance left of leakage at all. 


Step 5: The Test: At this stage, we test whether there is any leakage or not; to test this apply some water to the area which is coated. If we see any bubble, that means the surface is still weak, the holes are still not covered up, and coating needs to be done to cover this area. If we don't see any bubbles or any leakages, that means the coating has strengthened the area.

Advantages of Waterproofing

Quality of structure: 

Waterproofing keeps the quality of structure good as the area doesn't get weak and the structure remains solid for years.


Saves Money:

Waterproofing saves Money by reducing the cost of repairing, sealing, and leakages can make walls damp and hollow from the inside. Waterproofing stops such damages.


Energy efficiency:

Industrybuying has products like Dr Fixit, which upon applying, not only waterproofs the area but also keeps heavy heat away and applies cooling area to the room. It can reduce the temperature up to 8 degrees celsius.


Prevents Health Problems: 

If you don't apply waterproofing, walls and roof can suck water from these areas, which can harm the environment. Walls with leakage can contaminate the surrounding air, which affects the eye and also create problems in breathing.


Quality of furniture: 

Walls and roofs filled with leakage can contaminate the air, and also water can drip from roofs. This contaminated air drips of water can damage your furniture, fall ceilings, pop, interior work decoration etc.

Best Brands Dealing in Waterproofing

Dr Fixit, Berger, Freemans, Asian Paints, Choksey, Nerolac, M-Seal, Starshield, Cico, and Dulux are some of the best brands available for purchasing Waterproofing at Industrybuying. Industrybuying sells premium quality products from various categories at wholesale prices. We offer great deals and bulk purchases of products.

Top-Selling Waterproofing at Industrybuying


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Market Price

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Berger 20 ltr Home Shield Proshield Primer Waterproof Coating




Dr Fixit 201 Crack X Paste for Crack Filler 1 kg




Asian Paints 4 ltr Smartcare Damp Proof White 1048-0908



4 Choksey CrackKey Repair & Restoration-1 kg




Nerolac No Damp Waterproofing Chemical-10Ltr




M-Seal 100 gm Plumber Liquid Pipe Sealant




Starshield 20 Ltr Star Water Shield (S) Water Proofing Paint for Cementitios, Masonary and Porous Surface 




Dr Fixit Raincoat Dark Base Acrylic Coating 3.8L




Berger 1 kg Home Shield Seal-O-Crete




Berger 25 kg Home Shield Tile Bond Hi-Flex White




General frequently asked questions

Q1. Are there any items required with WaterProofing?

Not many items are required in waterproofing. Industrybuying provides waterproofing products that you need to just mix with water and apply the coat directly on the surface of the area.

Q2.  Why is Waterproofing helpful?

1. Maintains quality of structure 

2. Saves Money

3. Energy efficiency

4. Prevents Health Problems

5. Quality of furniture 


Q3. Where can we find the best Waterproofing online?

Industrybuying is the one-stop destination for buying supreme quality Waterproofing online. We offer the best Waterproofing from top brands at wholesale prices. We also assure 24 hours dispatch on bulk purchases.


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