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What is a Fogging Machine?

Fogging Machine is a versatile piece of industrial equipment with a wide variety of uses. Also called a fogger or fumigation machine, it emits a thick vapour or a fog used for spraying chemical treatment, commonly pest control. These machines are portable and easy to operate. The key function of the machinery is to transform the liquid or the fuel into a fog. It uses heat or pressure to convert liquid chemicals into dense fog or vapour for pest control, disinfection, odour control, and other applications. The liquid that gets converted into fog is called fog juice. Fogging Machine usually works by heating a mix of water and glycol to create a steamy fog. It consists of a pump, a tank and a heat exchanger.  


Why Do You Need a Fogging Machine?

Fogging Machine is multipurpose equipment and can be used in various industries. It can be used in the food industry, for insect controlling, hospitals, offices and various other sectors.This is an essential equipment for sanitisation purposes.  


Types of Fogging Machine

The Fogging Machine is broadly into two types-


1. Thermal Fogging Machine: The thermal or heated fogging machine uses a heat exchanger. The two ways heat can be provided to the machine for generating fog is either by burning fuel or providing electricity. It can be used both for indoor and outdoor applications. These are versatile and efficient machinery that works both with oil-based and water-based fuels. 


The pump assembly transports the fog juice from the storage tanks to the heating assembly. The heating assembly is a component of the fogger machine that heats the fog juice to high temperatures before releasing it into the atmosphere through the nozzle.


Disinfection, insect management, and odour control are all common uses for thermal fogging equipment. Thermal fogging machines are still commonly utilised in mosquito control today.


2. Cold Fogging Machine: Cold Fogging Machine uses pressure execution to convert fuel into a fog. These are wireless rechargeable equipment that uses the application of electricity for conversion. It compresses the fluid before releasing it into the atmosphere. The fog particles are usually far smaller than those created with heat, and they may not even be visible to the human eye, creating a haze that light can reflect off of. This type of fog machine uses oil-based liquids instead of the high water content found in heat-based devices.


They can be utilised for both indoor and outdoor applications but are mostly used for indoor purposes. They produce fine-invisble particles that can penetrate into hard to reach places. 


Leading Brands Dealing in Superior Quality Fogging Machines

Neptune, Green Kraft, Agrimate, Best Sprayer, Safemaxx, Aspee, Fogger, Kisankraft, Hemkund, Moti Garden, Best Fogger, SafeHona, Gold StarZenfog and many other brands’ Fogging Machines are available online at Industrybuying with best prices.


Precautionary Measures while Operating The Fogging Machines

Fogging Machines can be risky if not handled properly. It is crucial to exercise precautionary measures. Below are listed are a few tips to be considered while using the machine-


1. While operating the Fogging Machine, only the person using the sprayer or fogger wearing an adequate PPE kit, should be in the room. Following the application, the applicant should exit the room. 

2. Stay clear of the area for the amount of time specified on the product label and by the application device. If feasible, open windows and doors after each use to allow the space to air out.

3. Before allowing others inside the room, clean up any chemical residue that could be hazardous to their health. After the proper contact, the time has been reached, wipe or rinse the residue according to the product label's instructions.

4. Certain chemicals make some people more vulnerable, such as children or people with asthma. Because any disinfectant can cause an asthma attack, take proper measures to prevent any mishap.

5. Exercise extreme caution if you decide to use an electrostatic sprayer or fogger in the dining or food preparation areas. The disinfectant could land in areas where it could contaminate food preparation surfaces (e.g., worktops, dishware) or food, as well as areas where children might come into contact with it (e.g., toys, desktops). You have more control over where the disinfectant goes whether you use a liquid, spray bottle, or wiped disinfectant.


Best-Selling Fogging Machines Online at Industrybuying

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Neptune NEP 82-A Cold Fogging Machine Tank Capacity 6 Liter

Rs. 35,999

Rs. 30,869


Purple Creation PC21 Thermal Fogging Machine 15 Ltr

Rs. 27,599

Rs. 24,718


 Agrimate Cold Fogger AM-CFS-207 ULV

Rs. 22,543

Rs. 19,942


SafeHona ULV Cold Fogger (With SafeHona VLOXY Disinfecting Powder 500Gm)

Rs. 24,689

Rs. 21,476


Neptune NEP-8000 Portable Electric ULV Cold Fogging Sprayer 4L 220v Insecticide Disinfection Machine

Rs. 30,000

Rs. 22,769


Neptune NEP-9800 Portable Electric ULV Cold Fogging Sprayer 8L 220v Insecticide Disinfection Machine

Rs. 22,459

Rs. 19,742


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to use Fogging Machine?

 Fogging Machines are industrial equipment and must be handled with care. There is always an instruction manual with the product and that must be followed carefully in order to use the machinery.  


2. Is it safe to use Fogging Machine?

 It is important to wear PPE kits while operating the Fogging Machine. The person using the machinery must be trained to use tit properly. The smoke coming out of the machinery is harmful and it is important to cover one’s face. 


3. Is it safe to buy Fogging Machines online?

 It is totally safe to buy Fogging Machines online. You can buy a wide range of Fogging Machinery online at The products are quality tested and are from the topmost industrial brands.




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