BP Measuring Mistakes You Must Avoid

5 Common BP Measuring Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Overview of BP Measurement Tool

Have you ever visited a general physician to get medication for mild fever and had, much to your surprise, your blood pressure monitored? The reason for the seemingly strange act lies in the fact that healthy blood pressure plays a vital role in the overall health of an individual. The higher is the deviation from the normal range of blood pressure, the higher your risk of contracting ailments of a thousand kinds—from kidney problems to heart attacks!

If you suffer from hypertension or hypotension and have either bought or are looking to buy a BP monitor to keep a better tab on your blood pressure levels from the comfort of your own home, make sure you know how to go about making the blood pressure measurements accurately!

List of Mistakes You Must Avoid While Using BP Machine

Here are a few common mistakes that you must avoid at any cost when using your home BP machine:-

1)Moving and Talking

Do not move a bit. If need be, stay as still as a corpse to get the best and actual blood pressure reading. The aforesaid is applicable even to your mouth movement; keep all urges to make small talk with your family and friends at bay. Even the slightest movement of the cuff can result in fluctuations in the blood pressure level.

2)Wrapping the Cuff Incorrectly

Where and how the blood-pressure-monitor cuff is placed on the arm matters a lot! Do not place your cuff anywhere other than 2 centimeters above your elbow. Also, ensure that the cuff is just the perfect size for your arm. The cuff should be so long as to be able to cover your arm completely.  Whilst tightening the cuff around your arm, remember that it should be loose enough for two of your fingers to slide in with ease.

3)Using Blocked Air Hose, Connectors & Cuff

If how you feel is not in sync with what the reading of your automated blood pressure monitor has to say, it is very likely that there is some problem with the apparatus of the BP machine. You had better ensure that neither the air hose of your BP monitor nor the connectors and cuff are blocked. Also, ensure that you are not stepping on the sir hose by mistake.

4)Incorrect Arm & Feet Position

You must rest both your feet firmly on the ground whilst measuring your blood pressure; sitting cross-legged is known to affect the reading. The arm that the cuff is attached to must be placed at the level of the heart.

5)Using Dead Batteries

Always remember to replace the batteries of your BP machine in a timely manner. The battery is bound to get weak with frequent use.

Final Note

Even though the world of automated blood pressure machines has made monitoring of blood pressure levels easier than ever, the digital machines do mandate that you strictly adhere to the aforementioned rules so as to be able to get readings that are accurate in every respect!


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