5 Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

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Vacuum Cleaner Overview in Detail

Oh, the vacuum cleaner. That swanky hunk o’ plastic that adorns our closets only to be whipped out for a quick clean up so that we can rummage around the room like a fierce gladiator. Yeah, they do tidy up the floor (and what not!) in a jiffy, but these utilities have been guilty of a number of offenses, too. While some vacuum cleaners are heavy and cacophonous, some have countless number of paraphernalia that is hard to sustain. Not to mention those with bins that are a humongous task to empty- you get the gist.

And to top it all, today’s market has become awfully saturated with hordes of different vacuum cleaners whose veering prices can perplex your mind and make buying vacuum cleaners online a herculean endeavor! Which brings us to the million-dollar question- How does one narrow down their options to find the right vacuum cleaner that’s not only durable but easy to use as well? Well, by reading this vacuum cleaner buying guide, of course! So, without bidding further ado, let’s begin-:

DO: Buy a vacuum that gels with your lifestyle.

Everything boils down to your surroundings thus, you must think about the type of cleaning you do on a regular basis to close in on a lush new vacuum cleaner.

Tired of your pet shedding hair aplenty? There are some upright vacuum cleaners that do a magnificent job in pet hair suction. If your dwelling has closed surroundings, and you have lots of carpets– opt for bagged uprights to get supreme airflow and suction. Or, if an upright is too bulky to lug around for you, consider a canister vacuum cleaner.

DO: Keep in mind your requirements.

Ideally, people have only three demands from any vacuum cleaner- The number one demand on their radar entails that the vacuum should be able to deep-clean carpets. Second prerequisite is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that is easy to manoeuvre, pull, push, and lift whereas, durability is the third most sought after sine qua non.

DO: Get to know your machine.

Being acquainted with the components of your vacuum pays rich dividends. Prefer buying a vacuum with– a crevice tool (for seeping into those hard-to-reach places), handy extension wands and a bristled brush for keeping your furniture spic and span. Consider models with good suction control for cleaning delicate fabrics.

DO: Look out for discounts

To get your hands on some worthwhile vacuums at lucrative prices, never miss out on those 20 or 30% off discount deals offered by E-tailers especially during the holiday season. Forget the massive Black Friday sale, just stay posted, sign up on your favorite websites’ newsletter to receive coupons, news, and check your local listings. Karcher, Klindex, Astol, IPC, et al. are some of the reputed brands that dole out some great discounts on vacuum cleaners.

DO: Check the vacuum if you are buying it from a store

If you are a fan of vacuuming drapes, look for vital components such as suction control and a brush on/off switch. Always look up the price of the filters and bags before splurging on a bag-less or bagged vacuum cleaner.

DON’T: Expect your vacuum to last forever.

“Nothing lasts forever, not even cold November rain.” Well, these Guns N’ Roses lyrics ring true for vacuum cleaners, too. Oftentimes, the sinister signs when a vacuum is ready to be replaced are – either it refuses to start, or it no longer draws anything up.

And, if in due time you have checked on the hoses, brush roll, and filters for any clogs or damages, but to no avail– then it’s about time to bid goodbye to your old friend.

DON’T: Get hung up on the pricey models.

Some people have a knack for buying expensive products because they believe that after splurging a thick wad of money they will finally get QUALITY. Right?


This yardstick certainly does not hold any sway over vacuum cleaners because even the cheaper ones can be worth a dime on the quality front!

DON’T: Forget everything depends on how you use the vacuum.

Never rely on a vacuum cleaner to clean up everything in your house and abstain from using it on a wet floor laden with sticky dust. Remember to periodically empty your bin or change your bag for maintaining a steady airflow while allowing the same courtesy for filters, too. Turn the vacuum off right away if you inadvertently vacuum up something like a sock which could potentially block the airflow, and render the motor useless.

DON’T: Do half-baked research

Never ever step out into the market without properly knowing the ins and outs of the vacuum cleaner you have set sights on. Gather as much information as you can about various models and compare their specs to weigh on the CHOSEN ONE!

DON’T: Ignore the Noise

Remember, you are buying a vacuum cleaner, not a music system. If a vacuum cleaner comes across as loud after the first use, get rid of it as soon as you can!


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