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6 Ultimate Motorcycle Safety Hacks For Newbies

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Overview of MotorCycle

Motorcycles are a fuel-efficient transport medium that guarantees fun with the hint of danger thrown in for a good measure. They can also travel as fast as cars do, but lack the basic safety features that cars are endowed with. For one, motorcycles are bereft of the advantage of a solid exterior frame that can absorb crash forces.

Come what may, the bike and rider directly face the outcome of a collision should it happen. Furthermore, motorcycles also don’t have protective gear such as seatbelts, which twofold enhance the rider’s chances of being knocked off the bike in accidents. It is for this reason that ensuring the rider’s safety should be given profound consideration especially if someone’s going to ride a bike for the first time on those perilous stretches.

List of Free Safety Tips While Driving MotorCycle on the Roads

Down below is a low down on some crucial bike accessories that can avert accidents and assure your precious life’s safety.

#1)Wear a Helmet

It is a universal truth that if you were to stay safe on a motorcycle all you have to do is to wear a helmet. Helmets not only guard your head, but prevent head injuries that are the leading cause of death for motorcycle aficionados.

But, only wearing a helmet would not pass muster. You need to wear the right kind of helmet. Look for a helmet that suits the size of your skull and is absolutely comfortable as well as hefty. Do ensure that the helmet that you have purchase dis branded, tested and provides a minimum standard of protection.

#2)Protect your Feet

Apart from protective headgear, the kind of shoes you wear are equally important for riding safely. For instance, when you’re riding a bike, you’re sitting on the engine and exhaust system for hours on end, which, once it gets hot can be a sore for your feet.

Moreover, wearing open-toed shoes like flip-flops exposes your feet to risks such as burns or worse they can slip off leading to loss of control of the bike. Whenever you are riding a motorcycle, always wear sturdy shoes. Those shoes are the only line of protection your feet will have against mud and grime on the road.

#3)Grab the right bike accessories

Since a motorcycle offers very little protection during the unforeseen event of a crash, what gear riders wear becomes an integral part of the crash protection mechanism. There’s a good reason why a lot of bikers prefer wearing leather gear. Firstly, it’s strong enough to protect their skin if they ever lose control of the bike and slide along the road surface against the asphalt.

Secondly, motorcycle riders are more exposed to road hazards, like small sediments, rocks, bugs, etc. that people in cars are protected from. When you are on the highway riding at a trailblazing speed of 100 kilometers per hour, even a minor slip from a small rock can be disastrous. In such cases, biking accessories made from leather gear can help protect you.

#4)Wear Gloves

Wearing gloves all the time while you cruise down those nasty stretches might seem absurd at first. But, think it through, on each instance when you get tossed out our bike what’s the first thing you do as a protective measure? Your natural human instinct comes to the fore and you put your hands out.

So, wearing safety gloves becomes all the more pertinent especially when you’re flying off your bike’s handlebars at a face churning speed of 80 kilometers an hour. In that scenario, you are highly likely to come away with just a few scratches at worst if you’re wearing a pair of handy leather gloves.

#5)Avoid using the front brake first

When a wild animal leaps out at you out of nowhere in the middle of the road, all it takes is a split second to decide whether you will change lanes or hit the brakes and shed some speed. While you are at it, never ever hit the front brakes first.

If you pull the front break with a great deal of zeal when you are speeding, you will inevitably rue that day, FOREVER! Train your instincts in such a manner that even in your subconscious mind you opt for the rear brake first.

#6)Don’t drink and ride

This one’s clearly a no-brainer proposition, you should definitely never ride while you are in an inebriated state. Downing even two drinks can be as dangerous as five because riding a bike, especially during the night requires making split-second decisions that require precision, concentration and supreme presence of mind. Alcohol in your bloodstream will not only slow your reflexes but give you a misplaced sense of confidence, making you more prone to try and squeeze through narrow gaps in places such as alleyways.

Lastly, before you set out on your next fun-filled journey on your beloved bike, do ensure that you are wearing all the aforementioned necessary bike safety accessories to help avoid those gnarly mishaps.


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