7 Ingenious Ways to Maintain Your Lawn Mower

7 Ingenious Ways to Maintain Your Lawn Mower

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Lawn Mower Overview in Detail

Times are changing’. And how rapidly! There used to be time buried in the annals of history when lawn work was considered to be a guy’s job. In the bygone era, it often took herculean strength to pull the crank cord at least 10 times just to start the machine!

Well, those days are behind us, and for good! The traditional lawnmower too has evolved into a tool that any be operated by anyone with ease and grace. However, maintaining a lawnmower is a different ball game altogether. Yard work can be a fun chore if your mower works as per your whims, but does anything work without proper maintenance? Before you start pondering why?

List of Tips and Tricks to Properly Maintain Your Lawn Mower

Here are some slick tips and tricks for keeping your yard picturesque and your mower forever spic and span. Have a gleeful look-:

#1. Prevent gunk build-up

Regular tune-ups are the backbone of a healthy lawnmower. For the prevention of gunk build-up on the mower, keep a handy broom in the vicinity to give it a quick brush off after each use. For serious adherents of the lawnmower clean-up routine, it always helps if you take your garden gloves off, and then bend down to remove any tenacious grass remnants on the machine’s body or wheels.

#2. Change Oil

The beginning of every season is ripe for an oil change. During the course of the cutting season, dirt and other impurities seep into the oil and eventually lead to ruining the engine. Thus, you must get your oil changed at the outset of each season. To get the hang of the oil changing modus operandi of your peculiar lawn proper, refer to the mower’s owner manual for comprehensive assistance.

#3. Empty the fuel tank

For keeping your engine in good stead throughout the year, it is imperative upon you to empty your mower’s fuel tank by allowing the engine to run until it’s completely out of steam. That way, you are prepared for the ensuing season rather than letting the fuel sit in the lawnmower’s engine from one season to the next and contaminate the engine.

#4. Replace the spark plug

Regular lawn mowing aficionados pay HEED! You should only replace your lawnmower’s spark plug once a year. And, if you’re getting your mower serviced every year, it’s always nifty to ask for this task to be a part of the service.

If you are in two minds about the nitty-gritty of this operation, check for some handy instructions on YouTube or ask your local mower store to teach you the wizardry!

#5. Clean or replace the air filter

Just like you feel the unwavering need to clean and replace your dishwasher or clothes’ dryer filter once they start making a squelching sound or become obsolete, you need to eke out some attention to your lawn mower’s filter as well.

Don’t fret, it doesn’t behoove a lot of gazing, just replace or clean your lawnmower’s filter with warm, soapy water at least once or twice a year. Then air-dry your filter(s) to gently coat them with two tablespoons of mower oil and voila- say hi to the shiny piece of MIRACLE basking in the glory of the sun in your lawn!

 #6. Keep the blades sharp

A lawn mower’s blade works equivalently to a kitchen knife that cuts well when it’s sharpened to the hilt. Remember, dull mower blades only tear the grass rather than cleanly slicing it up. Before beginning your toiling and elbow greasing (pun intended), do ensure to detach the spark plug wire to avoid firing up the mower accidentally.

As for the whetting part, you could make use of a metal file or a motorized grinder for sharpening the blade by merely following the existing beveled edge on the blade and constantly passing the file over the blade in the same direction.

 #7. Servicing

Regular and timely investment in-service sessions can render a quality mower to last up to 15 years! You don’t need to splurge a fortune on it. Just dole out a paltry sum for their upkeep from your savings tab and you should be good to go!

Final Words

A healthy lawn is equivalent to a healthy mind. To get the best results with lawnmower, always rely on trusted brands such as LAWN KING, MTD/REMINGTON, BOSCH, and slay those weeds easily!


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