A handy guide to choose the right Impact Wrench

A handy guide to choose the right Impact Wrench

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What is an Impact Wrench?

An impact wrench is a wrench power tool that delivers high output with minimal exertion by the user. This is done by storing energy in a rotating mass and then delivering it to the output shaft.

Tips to Choose the Best Impact Wrench

If you go out in the market or online to find a right Impact Wrench chances are that the sheer amount of brand and features might leave you confused. Here are all the pertinent points that can help you choose the right Impact Wrench according to your requirements.

  • An impact wrench is similar to a handheld or non-impact wrench but has a higher torque to get the job done.
  • Another instance where an impact wrench is advantageous is if a particular bolt is stripped to the point that a non-impact wrench cannot latch on properly to give it movement. Because of the impact mechanism created by the inner components an impact wrench may supply a bolt with enough torque to rotate. This impact mechanism uses an anvil and hammer to apply a sudden, intense twisting motion to the nut or bolt, constantly agitating it until it finally loosens.
  • Most of these wrenches use one of two energy sources to operate: pressurized air and electricity. The benefit that a pneumatic impact wrench has over one powered by electricity is that it provides a higher torque, and is considered the most professional-grade impact wrench.
  • In general, air tools usually weigh less and are easier to use than their electrically powered counterparts. The average pneumatic impact wrench is made up of many different components, a few which are responsible for the impact mechanism, supplying the wrench with optimum torque and leverage on stubborn stripped lug nuts.

Environment Impact: This product, in particular, leads to a decrease in air consumption die to the initial restructuring. Currently, pneumatic ratchets consume about 4-6 CFM (cubic feet per minute) at 90 PSI. The implementation of the impact mechanism will allow for less time needed to remove a bolt, directly reducing total air consumption.


This is considered to be a reactionless mechanism as it isolates the final output from the drive turbine. Solely the mass momentum of the mechanism drives the output shaft. This will decrease injuries that are presently caused by current pneumatic ratchets.


The combination of ratchet and impact wrench will eliminate the need of the mechanic, engineer, or company to invest in multiple tools. In many industries, particularly engineering, inefficiency in timing leads to lost revenue.

This functionality of the tool, along with increased torque output and higher RPMs, cuts down the time needed for the tool to perform its respective tasks.

#3)Material Selection:

The material of choice is S7 tool steel. S7 is known for its shock resistance, displaying its remarkable characteristics in the form of chisels, punches, forming dies, shears, and many others. With the intense spike of force that some of these components are going to endure shock resistance is a must to ensure a long, dependable service life.

Manufacturers supply S7 in the annealed state, or, a condition where the internal stresses have been relieved and the microcrystalline structure has been rearranged producing a softer material with excellent cold‐working properties. This is critical in the manufacturing process, allowing the cutting tools to remove material with reduced tooling wear.

#4)Applications of Impact Wrench

Manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance – Roller coasters, submarines, car engines, airplanes, and much more Many industries worldwide can benefit from this multifunctional, ergonomic tool.

#5)Care and Maintenance:

It is better to install an in-line oiler on air supply to increase the tool life. The in-line oiler should be regularly checked and filled with air-tool oil. Ensure that you are storing the tool at a clean and dry place.

#6)Recommended lubricants:

Use air-tool oil or any other high-grade turbine oil containing moisture absorbent, rust inhibitors, metal wetting agents and an EP (extreme pressure) additive.

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