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Overview of Hand Pallet Trucks (HPT)

The Hand Pallet Truck (HPT), a material handling & movement tool that is widely used in every manufacturing unit or logistics & transportation hub or warehouses these days and also in factories, shop floors and many more as per its a variety of purposes in its use. The ‘Hand Pallet Truck’(HPT) is the manual & hand-held smaller version of the ‘Fork Lifts’ which are generally huge in dimension, battery operated & capable of in nature. When we talk about the family of ‘Hand Pallet Truck’(HPT), we must start our explanation with it’s the application, it’s working & should end up with the basic info like market share, sources, price range, best brands available, etc. for efficient understanding.

Application of HPT- Hand Pallet Truck

‘Hand Pallet Truck’(HPT), is just a lifting & movement tool. That lifts heavy equipment as a load in different industries. It can also move the same load as per the user’s desired direction. In general, HPTs are also confused by platform trolley or pallet trolley. The following images will clear the applications in a much broader term.

Working of HPT (Hand Pallet Truck) in Details

While operating the HPT, the operator must be in complete safe attire. The HPT must be used for indoor applications & not recommended to use the truck on un-uniform & angled surfaces. Also, never leave a loaded HPT unattended.

#1)Parking of hand pallet truck

Lower the forks to the lowest position and park the HPT on a smooth and even level ground where the truck does not disturb any other operations. If equipped with a brake use the brake for parking the truck.


Check that the load does not exceed the loading capacity of the HPT. Roll the pallet truck with its forks slowly under the pallet/load until the back end of the fork rests against the load. Shift the operating lever down to the lifting position. Lift the load up & down movements of the tiller arm.


Lower the load by shift operating lever up to the lowering position carefully. By releasing the lever, the lowering movement will stop. Ensure there is adequate clearance behind, then move pallet truck away.


Do not operate the truck on a slope or inclined surface. And, watch the difference in floor level when moving lifter. The load could fall down, also make the load stable to prevent it from falling down.


If there are any malfunctions or the truth is inoperative, please stop using it, place the truck at the same place. Also, avoid further usage & call for service.

List of Free Maintenance Tips and Tricks of Hand Pallet Truck (HPT)

Only qualified & trained personnel are allowed to do service of this truck. Before servicing the truck, remove the load & lower the forks to the lower position. Completely immobilize HPT before working on components that might cause harm if the movement were allowed. Use approved & from your dealer released original spare parts.

Please consider the oil leakage of hydraulic fluid can cause failure & accidents. It is allowed to adjust the pressure valve only from trained service technicians. Waste materials like oil, used batteries, etc. must be either disposed of or recycled as per the national regulations & if necessary brought to a recycling company.

All the bushings & bearings have been lubricated at the factory. To increase their life, regular maintenance is recommended. Using the appropriate grease for the application & lubricate each grease fitting every 6 months. The harsh environment may require more frequent maintenance.

There is absolutely no alternate to HPTs available. But, in-market, random users lacking knowledge of the product do get confused with platform trolley and term the complete product as pallet trolley.

HPTs are available in ranges starting from 1.5 Ton to 10 Ton. Though 1 Ton are also available in the market but are not that frequently ordered and therefore is not a hot-selling product unlike 2.5 Ton & 3 Ton. It is always advisable to purchase a branded product as this kind of tools and equipment are used in serious activities.

Godrej, Voltas, are the major market players and then Nikamal also holds good market share. There are a lot many imported players present in the Indian market and the HPTs are quite competitive in terms of their prices. But these imported branded products do not come with any warranty or guarantee and their life of the products varies from 1 year to 1.5 years.

Whereas, a branded HPT comes with warranty & guarantee as well as their product’s life range lasts till 2 to 3 years if handled carefully. It is always advised to be safe first and therefore will suggest going for a branded product always when we talk about heavy engineering.

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