Bathroom Faucets Buying Guide

Bathroom Faucets Buying Guide

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Overview of Bathroom Faucets

The bathroom faucet is an important part of plumbing fixtures. These faucets are connected to pipelines for easy water outlet. They are available in various designs, finishes, and features depending on their use. The varied kind of faucet designs, styles, finishes, and features allow you to personalize your space. Let us explore the diverse options and see what do we look for in our next.

Complete List of Different Types of Bathroom Faucets

There are different types of bathroom faucets depending on the size, design, functionality and finish.

#1)Bib Cock

These are the basic bathroom faucets widely used in bathroom and plumbing fixtures. These come in the various finish like Nickel finish, chrome finish etc. The most famous Bib cocks are made of nickel finish with brass material. The brass material makes the body rust free. We have various renowned brands available with us dealing in Bib faucets like Jaquar, Cera, Hindware, Parryware, and Kohler, etc.

#2)Pillar Cock

Pillar Cock is used basically in the bathroom and kitchen basins. It gives a proper space between the basin and the faucets for proper hand wash and utensil washes. There are various types and designs of pillar cock available with us. Some important and latest pillar cocks are Sensor Enabled Pillar cock which gives a high-end user experience. These are widely used in large space bathrooms like that of hotels and malls, where the basin is fitted in the bathroom. Well-known brands in the list of pillar cock are many like Dorset , Jaquar, Kerro etc.

#3)Wall Mixer

Wall mixers used in bathrooms is a single fitted unit that gives both hot and cold water in a single fitted system. There are basically two types of Wall mixer :

(A) 2 in 1 Wall Mixer – It gives the mechanism of single attachment of shower along with hot and cold knobs.

(B) 3 in 1 Wall Mixer – It comprises the three products attached in a single system, i.e. an Overhead shower, bib cock of Hot and cold water and one Telephonic shower. Some good brands of wall mixers in the market are Cera, Jaquar and Hindware.

#4)Basin Mixer

The Basin Mixer is the traditional type of mixer which gives the combination of hot and cold water. The basin mixers are not wall-mounted and are fitted on the basin which gives the design and usability of a pillar cock. Basin Mixers are widely used in public toilets, hotels and airports. Brass and copper material is widely used in these types of the mixer.

#5)Shower Mixer

The shower mixer mixes hot as well as cold water and supplies it to the shower system for sensible showering purposes. The shower mixer comes separately and is a good option for existing toilet connections as it is comparatively of a lower cost than a wall mixer. The diverter is made of brass and the body comes with a nickel finish. A shower mixer is a good option for bathrooms in homes and hotels etc.

#6)Stop Cock

These are basic faucets used in the bathroom to control the water flow in the pipeline. Based on the mechanism of the globe valve, these are widely used in the toilet shower and geyser water flow mechanism. Depending on its usability, various designs and finishes of stop cock are available with us at Industrybuying.

Free Tips and Tricks to Choose the Right Bathroom Faucets

These are some of the helpful tips and tricks that help you in the selection of right bathroom faucets.


It is the most important thing to consider while purchasing bathroom faucets. We recommend the basic faucets for small spaced bathrooms, i.e. Avoid purchasing basin mixer as there might be a space issue while installing a basin inside the bathroom.


Choose the right faucets depending on your budget like a personal bathroom set up and a bathroom setup in hotels, both have a different class. So choose your bathroom faucets brands wisely according to your budget. Some good brands like Cera come as a value for money proposition with stylishly designed products.

3.Latest Trends

Keep the eye on the latest trends as well. Like a 3 in 1 wall mixer gives you various functions in a single operated system. Some wall-mounted faucets are even hot in today’s market segments. Also, the sensor faucets also are some modern faucets that give a magnificent experience.

Advantages of Buying Bathroom Faucets from Industrybuying.Com

1)Wide Range of Brands at wholesale rates: On the Industrybuying portal, we have various renowned brands like Jaquar, Cera, Kohler, Hindware, Parryware etc.

2)Latest products: Industrybuying provides you the latest faucets designs and bathroom accessories which best suits your needs.

3)Original Product: Industrybuying ensures to provide original products to our customer by supplying from authorized distributors and OEM’s.

4)Warranty: As the Industrybuying supply chain is routed through Authorized distributors and OEM’s, the customer can also avail the warranty on the products directly from the Company.

5)Other features : Free shipping above Rs.1000, bulk buying advantage, easy payment options like credit/debit card, COD, net banking, e-wallets etc, doorstep delivery, branded products at the best prices online and easy return policies are some of the reasons that make Industrybuying India’s favorite online shopping store.


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