Shock Absorber Buying Guide

Buyer’s Guide to Shock Absorber

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Overview of Shock Absorber

Shock absorbers are widely used to absorb the shock or dampen the ride of your vehicle. They help smoothen the ride while driving on rough or bumpy roads along with providing you a comfortable ride. Shock absorbers are basically oil pumps. A piston is attached to the end of a piston rod which moves in a pressure tube filled with hydraulic fluid.

As the piston moves up and down, the hydraulic fluid flows through the tiny holes inside the piston thereby allowing only a small quantity to pass through the piston which is then slowed down thereby slowing down the spring and suspension movement.

Symptoms that you need to replace the shock absorber

#1.Longer Stopping Distance

There is a lot of difference between the stopping distance of a new and used car, due to wear and tear of shock absorbers because of bumpy roads, potholes or rough roads. Vehicles with old shocks usually take more distance to stop which may be dangerous at high speeds. Shock absorbers must be replaced after a period of time.


Old shock absorbers are one of the reasons behind vibrations in the steering wheel, which is dangerous at high speed as these cars decrease the overall control of the vehicle.

#3.Swerving & Nose Dives

Old/used shock absorbers lose their stiffness due to which vehicles may not function properly whenever brakes are applied. If this is the case, then shock absorbers must be replaced as soon as possible. This type of defect can decrease the control over your vehicle which is very dangerous in bad weather.

#4.Uneven Thread Wear

Faulty shocks may lead to uneven wear or bald patches on tyres. This means the vehicle’s tyres are lacking optimal contact with the road. This defect leads to poor control of the vehicle thus shocks must be checked and replaced.

#5.Vehicle Sliding

Vehicle sliding/veering are clear signs of worn shocks and this problem can be easily fixed by replacing the shock absorbers.

Different Types of Shock Absorbers Available in the Market

All shock absorbers serve the same purpose but sometimes different types of vehicles require different types of shock absorbers. Shock absorbers can be divided into main three categories which are Conventional telescopic shock absorbers, Strut type shock absorbers, and Spring seat absorbers.

#1)Conventional telescopic shock absorbers

Telescopic shock absorbers are the simplest type of shock absorbers and are easier to replace than repair. This type of absorbers can be used in both front and rear suspensions of vehicles. Further telescopic shocks can be divided into two types – Monotube and twin-tube.

Conventional telescopic shock absorbers#2)Strut type shock absorbers

Strut type shocks serve the same purpose but have an entirely different design from telescopic shock absorbers. They must be built ruggedly to cope with the tough road conditions. Most commonly struts are used in the front suspension of vehicles. Further strut-type shocks can be divided into two major parts – Sealed and Repairable units.

#3)Spring seat shocks

These shock absorbers show the characteristics of both telescopic and strut absorbers. Like struts, a spring seat shock is a suspension unit and damping device in a single unit. But these are not designed to be subject to high load thus differentiating these from struts.


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