Buying Guide: How to Buy a Paint Spray Gun?

Buying Guide: How to Buy a Paint Spray Gun?

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What is a Paint Spray Gun?

A paint sprayer is a device that is used to rapidly coat a surface with either paint or a protective coating such as varnish, ink or paint. Regardless of the belief of many, paint sprayers are used to shower paint not just on wooden objects but also on materials and items other than wood such as metal, brick, and masonry, et al. It is owing to this adaptability that paint sprayers are just the ideal choice for an entire assortment of DIY projects.

How to Choose and Buy the Right Paint Spray Gun Online in India After Proper Comparison

Owing to the ease with which they can paint even the not-so-easily-accessible surfaces, they are really popular and available in styles aplenty.  If you are on the lookout for a paint spray gun and are left baffled by the overwhelming number of choices available, you can simply read further ahead:-

#1)Horsepower & Pressure Considerations

Paint sprayers differ in the amount of pressure they can impart. The norm is that heavier the paint, greater is the pressure that is required. Speed also has an important role to play in the selection procedure. Higher the horse-power, higher will be the gallons of minute of spray emitted and faster will be the spraying speed.

#2)Volume Considerations

Decide on the scale of the project you’d be mostly working on. If you are only going to be working hobby projects that usually entail spraying small surfaces such as craft items, you’d be better off even with a moderate-volume spray gun.

However, if you are a professional and need to work on massive projects, you should only go for a high-volume spray gun that wouldn’t have you stopping several times while on the job just to have a refill.

#3)Tip Consideration

A spray gun can be fitted with several different types of tips. The type of tip that would best suit your job would depend on the surface you are spraying and the type of paint you are lathering it with.

#4)Price Consideration

If you are looking to spray very rarely and that too only for hobby-projects, then you could go for a cheaper spray gun that is more likely to clog up than its high-end expensive counterparts.

#5)Type Consideration

A paint sprayer comes in a variety of types and kinds.

  • Cup sprayers are used to perform small-scale projects that entail hobby projects, elementary finishing jobs. These airless sprayers that have a mechanism to extract paint directly from the can are usually plugged into a regular outlet.
  • HVLP sprayers or high volume low-pressure sprayers employ a high volume of air in order to move the paint up in the nozzle and a low-pressure air stream to produce a uniform mist of spray. These spray guns are the perfect choice for applications that require intricate spraying that cannot do with even an infinitesimal amount of over-spraying.

Final Words About the Use of Paint Spray Gun

The high-end paint sprayers can cost you an arm and a leg. You’d be better off handling them with adequate care and maintaining them properly in order for them to last a normal duration.


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