Digital Multimeter Buying Guide- What is BEST Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter Buying Guide

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What is Digital Multimeter?

A digital multimeter is an electronic instrument that can measure several functions in one unit. It is otherwise called the voltmeter or Ohmmeter or Volt Ohm meter. The standard and essential measurements by multimeter are the estimations of amperes, voltage, and ohms. Apart from that, these Digital multimeters perform numerous extra estimations by utilizing advanced and rationale innovation. These may incorporate temperature, recurrence, congruity, capacitance and so forth. The new enhanced coordinated circuits of advanced multimeter are more effective, much speedier and work with a vast exactness when contrasted with a simple multimeter.   

Different Types of Quantities That Can be Measured With a Digital Multimeters

Standard Multimeters can measure the following quantities

  1. Resistance in Ohms 
  2. Voltage in volts ( Direct & Alternate)
  3. Current in amperes (Direct & alternate)

However, Some Multimeters Can also measure conductance, Capacitance, Frequency, Inductance, Temperature, etc.

Point To Consider While Purchasing a Good Digital Multimeter

  1. Voltage, Current, and resistance Range Or the range of specific features that you want to measure.
  2. No. of Counts- No of counts may vary from 1999 to no. of thousand. The one having more no. of counts is more reliable.
  3. Accuracy while measurement of Current, Voltage, Resistance.
  4. Sensing- Average or TRMS, TRMS give more accurate result as compared to Average type so for more accuracy one should go for TRMS type of Multimeter.
  5. Range of Temperature, Inductance, Capacitance should also be considered if you are measuring these parameters with a Multimeter.

Major Advantages of Using Digital Multimeter Over Analog

Digital Multimeters are usually having higher Accuracy as compared to its relevant analog Product while taking the measurement. Standard digital multimeters have an accuracy of 0.5% on DC Voltage, while this is 0.01% in case of benchtop Multimeter and that is up to a few parts per million for Laboratory-grade Instruments. 

Major Area of Application for Digital Multimeters

  1. Construction industry 
  2. Automotive testing
  3. A Must tool for Electricians
  4. Testing of Electrical & Electronics Quantities
  5. Manufacturing- Installation & Testing Sector
  6. Repairs- A Multimeter is used in every electronic component that needs repair.

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