Buy Hand Sanitizer in India- Protect from COVID-19

Buy Hand Sanitizer in India- Protect from COVID-19

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Overview of Hand Sanitizer in Detail

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of Hand Sanitizer is widely recommendable as they remove infectious bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms from one’s hand. According to the World Health Organization, regular personal cleaning products, soap, hand wash, hand cream, and others are not enough to remove 100% bacteria from hands.

Apart from this, WHO has also declared COVID-19 as an air-bond, ground-bond, and easily transmitted infectious virus that is difficult to cope with. Therefore, Hand Sanitizer is important to apply every time you come home from work/grocery store, before eating food and allowing an outsider in your house. 

Hand Sanitizer comes in a foamy form or a jelly form. There are mostly two types of hand sanitizer, Alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and Alcohol-free hand sanitizer. For the most part, during CoronaVirus widespread, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are highly recommendable because these contain rubbing alcohol. According to several medical types of research, rubbing alcohol results in the removal of 100% germs on human skin and even materialistic objects.

Note: Rubbing Alcohol consumption can lead to high Blood Alcohol concentration. Therefore, we request you to keep Hand Sanitizer away from kids and do not risk consuming it. More than 0.40% BAC can lead to on-the-spot death, brain damage, cardiac arrest, and hypertension.

How to Use Hand Sanitizer During COVID-19 Pandemic?

If you are using Hand Sanitizer for the first time, follow the given instructions:-

  1. If you have purchased a hand sanitizer from a local store outside, be aware of its outer surface. It may contain Coronavirus germs. Hence, we recommend you to visit X online and get the best hand Sanitizer in India delivered at your doorsteps. 
  2. Now, open the lid of the hand sanitizer bottle.
  3. Pour two-four small drops of hand sanitizer on your hand’s surface.
  4. Rub it all over your hand. 
  5. Make sure you are covering all the parts of your hand including wrist and space between fingers. 
  6. At last, close the lid of the sanitizer properly and keep it in a safe place, away from children and pets.

List of Top Rated Best Hand Sanitizer Available in India

These are some of the top hand sanitizers that you can buy for the protection from Novel Coronavirus.

#1.Dettol Hand Sanitizer

If you are wondering which hand sanitizer would be best for you as well your kids while you go out, the answer is Dettol alcohol-based hand sanitizer. NIMA also suggests using the Dettol Hand Sanitizer as it holds that unique smell and does not give away a hint of rubbing alcohol. Hence, you can safely tell your kids about its uses despite describing why it smells like alcohol!

#2.Lifebuoy Immunity Boosting Hand Sanitizer

When it comes to Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer, it not only protects you against CoronaVirus but also results in boosting your immunity. It also comes in a very small pack. Therefore, you can carry it in your pocket while you go out. At last, it is a very cost-effective product, 35 Rs per bottle measuring 35ml liquid. 

#3.Savlon Hand Sanitizer

Savlon is a very prominent brand for cleanliness products. Savlon Hand Sanitizers are the third in the race of effective hand sanitizing brands. It helps you get rid of 100% germs. Furthermore, it also keeps your hands soft and free of alcohol scent.

Final Words About Hand Sanitizer

To purchase Hand Sanitizer and get it delivered at your doorsteps within primetime, visit IndustryBuying official website and enjoy amazing COVID-19 safety product deals.


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