How B2B procurement stands to gain with Lean Management functionality


The whole concept of Lean management was first conceptualized with a sole objective to enhance the efficiency of the automotive manufacturing plants. But, as is the case with all the high flying commercial sector ideas, the success of Lean management brought many other sectors to embrace its functionality. The Lean management system acts as a catalyst to streamline the productivity and management functioning to yield fruitful results. It supersedes the existing system with proficiency and methodology that centers around only the efficiency.

An ideal integration to boost enterprise procurement efficiency

Integration of Lean management model into B2B e-commerce sector opens up a hassle-free procurement channel for a business enterprise. As mentioned above, the focus of Lean management methodology is solely on the efficiency and how to cut down on unnecessary avenues. When it comes to procurement, there are many hassles which not only turn out to be too cumbersome to carry out any productive outcome but also results in time wastage and loss of customers for a business enterprise.

It is not expected of a business enterprise to look out for different sources every time procurement requirement arises. Now, what can be better than a seamless channel which takes care of timely procurement requirement without having to hold on countless meetings with the vendors?

ProcMan: Click. Procure. Prosper

An ideal example of Lean Management methodology is the Industrybuying ProcMan solution.The ProcMan interface is devised to streamline the procurement functionality. The eProcurement solution is the answer for the professionals looking to manage business requirements with ease and efficiency.

Simply put, ProcMan standardizes the procurement process which results in improved profits, better output, increased productivity and optimized working capital. To understand better how ProcMan is vital and necessary for a business enterprise here is why ProcMan is the best procurement solutions for a business enterprise.

Manage procurement efficiently

 A customized enterprise procurement interface manages the procurement requirement efficiently. The cloud-based portal even lets you add other company professionals on the interface for any approvals or reminders.

A single interface to streamline procurement

Take it as a Digital catalogue which encompasses every procurement activity which ranges from approval, procurement compliance, internal systems integration and even creates usage reports for reference.

Competitive Rate Card

It’s your own custom e-catalogue which gets created after analyzing your current spends and negotiating best rates which can be fixed for a period of time to allow greater efficiency in the buying process and achieving significant cost savings.

Only after an analysis of current spends and best rate negotiation is a rate card formulated. This rate card is fixed for a period of time within which you need not worry about price quotations. At the end, it results in efficient cost management and achieving higher levels of productivity without any undue hassles.

The heavy competition that thrives among the business enterprise makes it necessary to adopt the latest technology and integrate it into the existing channels. Integration of ProcMan into the procurement process helps a business enterprise to manage procurement efficiently and not fret upon the prices, products or delivery of the same.

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