How Business Enterprises Stand to Profit from Bulk Buying

How Business Enterprises Stand to Profit from Bulk Buying

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e-Commerce Industry in India, as India’s leading B2B e-commerce website, over the years has assisted business enterprises to reap rewards of B2B functionality and continues to do so. The company brings buyers and sellers on a common sophisticated online interface. One such aspect of its dynamic e-commerce interface is the bulk buying feature.

Bulk Buying greatly works in favor of both the e-commerce and brick & mortar business enterprise which avail heavy discounts on every bulk order. Irrespective of whether the organization is a small scale business or an enterprise bulk buying is essential for Working Capital Management for most organizations.

What is the Importance of Buying in Bulk for Business Organization

Here is how Bulk Buying helps you to be efficient and side by side save money:-

1)Bulk Buying Aids in Cost Cutting for a Business Enterprise

One big objective behind the bulk buying feature is to help businesses cut down on their procurement cost. Every industrial tool or equipment cataloged on the website is complemented with bulk discounts offer. Say, when you can buy 10 LED Bulbs for a sum of Rs 2,180 and save Rs 3,820 on your purchase order, why not meet the rising demands of LED bulbs among customers and keep them happy?

Industrybuying offers an option of bulk buying on all the industrial equipment displayed on its B2B e-commerce interface. Be it Safety equipment, Power tools, Electrical tools or Office supplies. At the end, you save money on the purchase order and earn loyal customers for your business.

The purchasing policy has to be driven with a motive to cut down on the expenses. For a business enterprise, the margin saved on procuring goods can be diverted to other avenues for expansion.

2)Bulk Buying Gives Immunity against Price Rise

Bulk buying gives immunity against price rise and other economic instability. If the prices of the same commodities that you were looking to purchase had to go up a notch higher, you already have your requirements covered and earn a great deal of profit on selling those products.

If you happen to follow the Union Budget 2017, besides the commodities whose prices were lowered, here is the list of industrial tools and equipment for which prices have risen:

  • LED lights.
  • Aluminum-based products.
  • Polymer coated MS tapes used in the manufacturing of optical fibers.
  • Printed circuit boards used in making mobile phones.

These products stay in high demand in industrial B2B sales. It would be a wise decision to stock these products in bulk before the prices increase as declared in the budget. Almost all of these products are non-perishable goods and would be good picks for bulk buying. Needless to say, business owners especially wholesale business enterprise are able to cover the demands of customers for a long period and earn a decent profit with every product sold.

For businesses yet to cash in on bulk buying, it serves a great reminder of why they cannot afford to ignore this strategy.

3)The High Upfront Cost Meets Business Needs in the Long Run

Take bulk buying as an investment. If you are inhibited with the high purchase cost that you have to spend in a short span, then there is more than one attribute to bulk buying which helps you save significant money on cost per unit.

Bulk buying is one facet of online shopping module that provides with long-term gains on the purchase order. It makes sense to buy industrial goods in bulk quantity if you are looking to grow your business and want to increase your customer base. Also, if there happens to be a sudden rise in the customer demands you are able to handle it without losing out on any business opportunity.

There are 2 types of Business purchases:-

  1. Capex – Capital Expenditure related (for eg: Machinery like Welding machine, automation machines etc.)
  2. Consumables – Goods that get consumed in the process of manufacturing (for eg: oil and lubricant, safety gloves, welding electrodes, screws, nuts and bolts).

Final Words

Bulk buying is especially important for Businesses whose procurement requirements are heavily inclined towards Consumables. Businesses should plan their procurement requirements better keeping in mind their Working Capital needs and overall business goals. A well-planned Bulk purchase mechanism can play a strategic role for a business.


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