How Procman is helping SMEs in India

How Procman is Helping the SME Business in India

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Relationship Between Procman and e-Commerce in India

Joining the E-commerce growth bandwagon surely has its unwavering perks for enterprises, but it comes with a bountiful of glitches too that have marred especially the B2B segment of Indian e-commerce. Hordes of enterprises are rooting to get hold of a platform that helps them track end to end MRO procurement processes including purchase order creation, dispatch information, invoice viewing payment updates, etc.

It is a known fact that tracking procurement processes and haggling with vendors aplenty to get the best prices can pan out to be a cumbersome task for procurement managers. That’s where Procman chips in nicely and alleviate all the aforementioned problems in a jiffy!

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What makes Procman stand out?

Procman is slowly, but steadily revolutionizing the entire MRO purchase process for businesses by automating it to the hilt. Powered by, Procman is an online enterprise management platform that helps improve quality, save time, and generate profits.

How? Well, thanks to Procman’s marvelously designed and customizable e-commerce catalogue, scores of enterprises are now managing all their products at one place, streamlining approval processes and getting unmatched insight into complicated buyer behavior with effective cost-savings methods. Plus, they are even saving up to 20% on direct and indirect spending.

There’s so much that can be done with Procman such as– SMEs can avail fixed-rate contracts for recurring orders, get every item catalogued with pictures and specifications; discover new products; save money and make smart purchases. What’s more, Procman can be accessed from a desktop or mobile and used on the fly any time.

All in all, it’s safe to say that Procman has become a full-fledged one-stop solution for enterprises to control rising expenditures since it also sends usage reports from critical analysis of current expenditures and negotiations of the best rates.

Moreover, never before was the task of a procurement manager made so easy with respect to procurement per se! Herein, the key lies in how effectual Procman has been in neutralizing middlemen and communication barriers. Once a procurement manager receives an order, Procman sends automated email notifications to the approving authority from the time of requisition to final payment, thus ensuring 100% transparency and procurement compliance!

The Road Ahead…

Within a short span of time, this promising and unique cloud-based aggregator aims to help businesses reach out to thousands of quality vendors across India at the click of a mouse, and provide the best rates in each category! Some of the trusted partners of Procman include the likes of stalwarts such as Canon, Delhivery, Vodafone, Havells, etc. amongst others.

No matter who you are– a small scale enterprise or a large booming business, you can get customized– catalog, prices and payment terms that gel with your needs. Add to that features such as complete visibility of all your past payment, shipment, and ordering history and it’s a heady winner mix.

And, yes Procman also gives a business as many logins as they want by safely making the process of managing an account a seamless experience. Furthermore, after an enterprise sign up on Procman, it can effectively document payment receipts, bills, invoices, and analyze outlays.

For signing up on Procman, all one ought to do is to fill up some quick information, click submit, and voilà! Based off their requirements, they can even get started within 72 hours after completing brief documentation. Visit Procman now and take your business to new heights!

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