How to Choose the Right Reflective Jacket?

List of Free Steps to Choose the Right Reflective Jacket

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Overview of Reflective Jacket in Detail

A construction site is a workplace brimming with hazards. As a matter of fact, many surveys conducted by the International Labour Organization have, time and again, proving that it is the construction industry that witnesses the maximum number of work-related injuries year after year.  It, thus, does not come as a surprise that ensuring the safety of the workers employed in this sector is of paramount importance.

Workplace safety has got many aspects to it; one important way to enforce workplace safety is by ensuring that all the workers wear the right personal protective equipment, often abbreviated as PPE. Reflective jackets, safety helmets, safety gloves, safety shoes, et al are indispensable to ensuring the safety of a construction worker.

Specifically, reflective jackets need to be worn by construction workers in order for their co-workers to be able to sight them better when working in poorly-lit conditions. Also, reflective jackets help operators of heavy-duty workshop machinery sight workers easily so as not to injure them.

List of Free Steps to Choose the Best Reflective Jacket

A reflective jacket must comply with the safety standards in order for it to fulfill its purpose effectively and offer adequate protection to the workers. Here are some things you must keep in mind in order to buy the right safety jacket for yourself:-

#1)Select One with the Right Fit

When buying a reflective jacket for yourself, ensure that it fits you perfectly well. Even though a majority of safety reflective jackets come in a single standard size, you must only buy one that can be adjusted more securely to your body. Furthermore, the reflective jacket, once fastened, should not have any additional hanging strap or attachment that runs the risk of getting entwined in machinery components, resulting in serious accidents.

#2)Choose the Appropriate Material

As a general rule, material for safety wear to be worn at night or in poorly-lit settings differs from material that safety wear to be worn during the daytime are made of. You must choose a reflective jacket of the right material.  Fluorescent makes for the ideal material for reflective jackets because of its ability to reflect light better than any other material.

#3)Select the Appropriate Design

Your safety jacket should ideally also have a distinctive pattern on it for it to stand out even more in dark settings. The safety jacket should ideally have an ‘X’ pattern on the back; the front of the jacket should have vertical stripes extending from the shoulder to the chest region.

#4)Go for Mobility

Mobility should also play an important role in your jacket selection. You should have enough room to perform your daily activities with ease. You could try lifting, lowering, and stretching your arm to check for total comfort.

#5)Go for Jackets by Top Reputed Brands

You must shop for your reflective jacket only from manufacturers of repute. Place your trust only in jackets by names such as Aktion, Nova Safe, Brite Eye, Heapro, and Mensafety, to name a few.


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