Industrybuying participates in ACMEE 2016, Chennai

Industrybuying participates in ACMEE 2016, Chennai

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About ACMEE:

In the new industrial expansion environment, ACMEE 2016, 12th International Machine Tools Exhibition in Chennai Trade Centre starting from 16th – 20th June 2016 will focus on the latest in machine tools technology available in different parts of the world. ACMEE is now recognized as a one-stop platform for sourcing the best in machine tools available anywhere in the world. The event has been getting international recognition and many international machine tools associations to participate in the much sought-after expo every year. ACMEE stands for:

  • Automobile and Ancillaries
  • Consultancy and services
  • Machinery and Machine Tools
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Energy and Environment

About IndustryBuying is the largest business e-commerce platform, selling a wide range of business and industrial products to SMEs as well as large businesses. With over 4000 registered sellers and more than 75,000 businesses buying online from Industrybuying, it is revolutionizing the way procurement is done for businesses.  It offers over 1 million products across 40+ categories.

Industrybuying with its unrelenting focus on Wide Assortment, Simplified Procurement and Reliable Operations is a true Growth Partner for your business. Simply put, it’s ‘Ecommerce for Business’.

Why is it important for IB to participate?

Industrybuying intends to leverage the global platform in the Power and Machine Tools categories that ACMEE offers in order to extend the reach and create brand awareness as a formidable player in the business e-commerce sector.

ACMEE consists of some of the best performing categories for Industrybuying and our participation in this International exhibition will further bolster the significance of the concerned categories and help grow business in the respective categories.

How is it important for you?

As the categories represented under ACMEE are our key growth drivers, our endeavour to reach out and grow our presence in these categories signifies their importance in our vast portfolio. We aim to fulfil all the business needs of every stakeholder, whether it be a customer or a seller. If you wish to expand your business potential with increased margins and greater reach to prospects, then is the one-stop business destination for you!


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