Project Kits Buying Guide

Project Kits Buying Guide

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Project Kits

With the myriad of options available to build your project like different microcontrollers, boards, LCDs, connectors, etc, it is quite easy to be overwhelmed with information. Here, in this buying guide, we will try to broadly classify the different foundations on which project kits are built upon.

Choosing the components of your project kits mainly depends on the purpose of the project like what do you want to make out of the project?

For example, if you are making a wheeled robot, you’ll require a kit that provides you with chassis, wheels, motors, etc, whereas if you are making a humanoid, you’ll require a kit that provides you with suitable limb modules, processors, etc.

Types of project kits

  • 8051 Based
  • AVR Based
  • Arduino Based
  • Copter Kits
  • General Purpose Kits
  • Raspberry Pi Based
  • Robotics

You can choose the one that best suits your needs depending on your requirements as well as the brand. Numerous brands like  Robomart, Multicomp, Raspberry Pi and Explore can be found online at the Industrybuying portal.

Factors for choosing your project kit:


Arduino, AVR, 8051, ARM – there are so many microcontrollers available online for you to choose from. However, Arduino is the most famous one. An Arduino is essentially an AVR architecture chip with a few modifications which makes it very easy to use.

If you start with an AVR, you’ll have to build up a programmer, the circuitry while also setting up and installing a compiler on your computer. Arduino removes all these complications and provides a simple, single-point software interface instead of this. In addition to it, Arduino has a tremendous and active community that will help you if you get stuck somewhere.

8051 involves learning at the pretty ‘low-level’ stuff. You’ll need to learn the architecture, instruction sets, memory, I/O etc. However, it is quite robust, durable and cheap and finds wide usage in industries.


Project kits come in the following variants –

  • Solder to make a single project
  • Solderless to make many projects
  • Component-based blocks

#3.Remote controllers:

You need to take care of a few things like batteries, range, line-of-sight range, power, durability, etc. For project kits of copters, RC Cars, precision robotics – these specifications matter a lot.

#4.Ways of powering the kit:

There are various ways to power a project –

  • AC to DC power supplies (like a computer or laptop would use)
  • Variable DC bench power supply
  • Batteries
  • Via a USB cable

Look for what suits you the most. Is your project going to be mobile or stationary? Do you require a dedicated source of power or will a normal one suffice? What type of battery pack do you require, the rating, capacity, stability, etc?

#5.Getting started

Working on your first electronics project can be a bit challenging, but if you start right from the basics, you should have no issues in getting into this really interesting hobby. Buying an electronics and robotics project kit is a fantastic way to keep things together and move on.

The project kit includes all that is required to get you started which would make you an enthusiast from a beginner. Project kits are very useful for those who have enough experience and confidence in carrying out soldering and wiring tasks. These types of project kits are very economical compared to other kits.

Shop online for quality project kits only at is your one-stop destination for all kinds of project kits online at wholesale prices. We at Industrybuying, provide quality customer service for the satisfaction of our customer. In addition to this special feature, there are other features like COD (cash on delivery), card payment options, free shipping on orders above Rs 1000 and exciting deals on a wide product range.

You can opt for project kits from different brands like Robomart, Multicomp, Raspberry Pi, etc and get the best product delivered to your doorstep. Also, you can choose between the different types of kits like Arduino Based, Copter kits, General purpose kits and Raspberry Pi based project kits. You can browse through the individual product description and specifications of every product in detail for more information about the product.

Whenever you opt to purchase from Industrybuying, you can rest totally assured about the quality and price because we only collaborate with top-notch brands to deliver quality products. Moreover, businessmen or students looking to purchase project kits in large quantities can avail huge discounts on bulk purchases. So, shop online at the largest e-store and avail exciting offers!


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