Render Smooth Finish and Additional Protection to Metals with Asian Paints Metal Primer

Render Smooth Finish and Additional Protection to Metals with Asian Paints Metal Primer

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Metals are prone to rust and decay when exposed to moisture. Paints being unable to bind the metal flakes off easily. Thus, it’s always recommended to apply a permanent coating of primer underneath the paint as it bonds with the primer easily. Asian Paints Metal Primer is a protective agent which is applied as an undercoat on iron-based metal substrates for a smooth finish and additional protection.

Asian Paints has earned an outstanding reputation in the market owing to its superior quality paints, enamels, and primers. Professionals, especially interior designers also recommend Asian Paints for beautiful looking and long lasting smooth walls. Asian Paint Interior Wall Paints are carefully composed keeping in the mind the different requirements of exteriors and interiors such as weather etc.

The company provides its customers with a wide range of color shades in primers and paints. Asian Paints shade card helps you choose amazing colors like deep orange, golden brown, golden yellow, mint green, oxford blue, phirozi, wild lilac, smoke grey and pale rose for the interiors and exteriors of your house. Apart from sorting primers on the basis of colors, you can also choose primers according to the metal type as metal primers are divided into steel primers, zinc primers and aluminum primers.

Metal Primers and enamels such as Asian Paints Decoprime Metal Primer and Asian paints tractor enamel are the most popular yet economical choices. Asian Paints Decoprime Premium Metal Primer is a red oxide primer that is used as an undercoat on iron-based surfaces. It ensures rust free house with its strong adhesion and good rust protection properties.

However, if you are looking for complete elegance and want to give a royal look to your house, Asian Paints Royale and Asian Paints Tractor Enamels are perfect for providing smooth and luxurious finish to the interiors and exteriors of your house.  Both of them are highly durable. Asian Paints Royale give your walls a glowing appearance and perfect finish while Asian Paints Tractor Enamel renders a glossy look to the walls of your house.

Dulux Paints is another renowned name which offers varied interior and exterior painting solutions for youAsian Paintsr dream house. Apart from Dulux exterior and interior wall paints, the company also deals in wide variety of enamels and primers.

These days, painting houses is no less than fun, though there are some important points which have to be kept in mind. For DIY painters, it is important to know the significance of pre-painting and surface preparation process.

The first step is to ensure that painting surface is dust, grease and rust free. Moreover, the area you don’t want to paint should be covered properly. Second step involves degreasing the new steel surfaces which are applied with grease or oil. For degreasing, wash the walls with suitable solvent.

A house reveals the aesthetic sense of people residing in it. It has to look beautiful. Thus, not just choose the right brand for your painting needs but also make sure to buy primers, paints, enamels and other painting accessories from a reliable dealer. It’s best to shop online from a trustworthy e-store which only deals in quality assured products.


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