Solar energy might just be the ploy to reduce poverty

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According to Rachel Kyte, World Bank Group Vice President & Special Envoy for Climate Change, “Clean energy, not coal, is the solution to poverty”. A nation which has started to install Sustainable energy solutions stands to deal with Climate change better than those who are yet to adopt clean energy solutions.

One of the prominent challenges for a government at the center of Socio-economic reforms is its ability to provide electricity for its people. Be it to power electronics or to simply light a bulb. Electricity can effectively connect people to the outside world and help improve the standard of living in the rural areas. Solar energy has tremendous potential to help an economy eradicate poverty by providing the basic requirement of electricity. It is this fact that the Global power such as China is putting in efforts to integrate Solar energy to reduce poverty.

What do we need to do?

Solar energy can bring in positive changes in the lives of people. When a family, about 370 miles from Bangalore, secured an interest-free loan to buy Solar power system to power two light bulb it opened up gates to many exciting opportunities. As, slowly and steadily, Solar products come in the market there has to be enough production to meet up with the demand in the market.

Create awareness to remove inhibitions, if any

While carbon emission poses a serious threat to our world, there are many who still take it as some tragedy bound to happen decade to centuries later, well after they cease to exist. Adopting solar energy alternatives is a step to conserve our future for the future generations. Installing power grids at rural areas becomes difficult with inaccessible terrain and many other difficulties. However, if you are looking to install Solar panels, one benefit is that there is no need of transportation of heavy machines.

There has to be enough awareness to highlight the importance and benefits of Solar products and also, the government has to ensure the electrification of rural areas without dilly-dallying.

Offer innovative solar products as an alternative

As of now, one can see plenty of Solar products in the market. From Solar lights, Solar Fans, Solar power system(Solar panels & Solar Inverter), Solar water heater etc. As the demand for the existing Solar products sees a surge in the market, the consumers should not be deprived of the influx of the Solar products. The corporate giants and the government need to spend adequately on research to improve efficiency and come up with other high-utility solar products.

A trend that needs sincere efforts for its success

India accounts for approximately 1/5th of the World’s population. Needless to say, the country cannot forever rely on the non-renewable energy sources. Being a vociferous supporter of clean energy, India has set in motions its plan to curb carbon emission and bring in the clean energy alternatives at the forefront. The rooftop solar subsidy is one of the many actionable plans implemented by the government to aid in the success of Solar energy as the chief source of power generation.

The success of any technological innovation happening around the world depends upon the transition from existing non-renewable to sustainable energy sources. A country needs to devote enough resources to ensure that people know why Solar energy is the need of the hour. So be it debates, advertisements, pricing to creating awareness, the more people know about Solar energy higher will be the consumption of Solar products.

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