Therapeutic Benefits of Foot Massage

Top 7 Therapeutic Benefits of Foot Massage

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Foot Massage Overview in Detail

If you have had an unusually long day at work and don’t know how to make your aching feet better, then you needn’t worry anymore, for all your exhausted feet demand is a generous foot massage. You could either call in a professional, drop by at a salon, have a friend or loved one massage your feet or use a foot massager. The branch of reflexology believes that you should be treating yourself with foot massages a lot more often not just for recreational reasons but also for therapeutic reasons.

Learn How a Foot Massage Can Prove Beneficial for You

Read on to know how a foot massage can benefit you in more ways than one:-

  1. Helps You Sleep Better

If you are a chronic insomniac, you must consider giving yourself a soothing foot massage right before hitting the bed. Lay special emphasis on pressing the large plantar of your big toe with the help of your thumb repeatedly.

Sleep Better After Foot Massage

  1. Betters Overall Blood Circulation

You must be, just like a majority of your friends and family, keeping up the trend of leading a sedentary lifestyle; a sedentary lifestyle leads to unfulfilled use of the muscles of the feet, thereby resulting in poor circulation of blood. A foot massage can revitalize all your muscles and ensure that an adequate amount of oxygen reaches every single one of your body cells. You might also want to consider wearing properly-sized to promote adequate blood circulation through your feet.

Overall Blood Circulation after Foot massage

  1. Regulates Blood Pressure Levels

Increased triglyceride levels can increase your chances of contracting a heart problem. If you happen to suffer from hypertension, give yourself a 10-minute foot massage at least thrice a week if not every alternate day and feel the difference for yourself!

Regulates Blood Pressure Levels after foot massage

  1. Helps Battle Depression & Anxiety

A study conducted a few years back concluded that foot massages and hand massages provide consolation to those bereaved of a loved one. The reason behind this seemingly strange phenomenon finds its roots in the presence of strategic points in the sole of the feet that can help tackle depression. If you feel too encumbered by the woebegone happenings in your life, cheer yourself up with a foot massage.

  1. Alleviates Aches & Pains

Needless to say, a foot massage can help curb aches and pains from injuries to the feet or from endless hours of standing, walking, running or physical exertion.

  1. Fights Restless Leg Syndrome

You can easily curb the symptoms of restless leg syndrome, a painful neurological disorder, by religiously giving yourself a 10-to-15-minute foot massage every single day.

  1. Fights Edema

Pregnant women, at some stage of their pregnancy, have to deal with the misery of having swollen feet and ankles owing to the retention of fluids in the feet. If you happen to be one, get someone to massage your swollen feet!

Final Note

In case you are looking to buy a foot massager, then you might want to give brands such as Sheen and Beurer a try. The foot massagers manufactured by the forenamed brands are renowned for, both, their effectiveness and superior built.


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